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Three questions: 1) Why are the data points 2009, 2010 and 2011 not used, making a "prediction" starting in 2008 is a not very interesting. 2) Why does the EIA think that the consumption rate of Asia will drop from 4,5-6% per year (been so since 1990) to slightly more than 1% in the future? year growth rate calculated from the data EIA used for non OECD-Asia 1990 6,50% 2000 4,50% 2008 5,00% 2015 3,00% 2020 3,00% 2025 1,50% 2030 1,10% 3)How long before we become honest about unconventional and bio "fuel" really being down cycled crude-oil/gas (down cycled because the energy content of the original crude was reduced significantly in the proces of sowing, harvesting and refining bio-fuels to create political correct "green fuels")
What Volt enthousiast are missing is that the Volt is built around the batty-pack, whereas the Prius has a small very accessible battery, just behind the back seats. If/when better batteries arive, and they most certainly will within the lifespan of the car, a simple battery upgrade during maintanance will transform this Prius from a very good plug-in-hybrid into a range extended EV, for the cost of a few thousand dollars. I can't wait for aftermarket upgradekits for the Prius II, that will become available sooner or later at reasonable prices. This will allow the installed base of Prii to be coverted to range-extended EV's.
Why does this car make it to GCC? If we compare this car (the 1.8 automatic would have driving characteristics of a Prius) gets 25mpg city, pffffffff, come on, the Prius is 7 years old! On a sidetrack : i had to switch form Prius (after 6 years of joy) to Renault Laguna 1.5TD 6-speed, and it is a complete disaster in terms of driving convenience: no torque at take-off, and the continuos shifting is a real distraction in city driving.......
I think that this new Prius is a wonderful evolution form the previous version. A 10% increase in fuel efficiency increase while also improving on handling AND performance is no small feat. The current Prius was already a very drivable car, and this new incarnation will be an even greater pleasure to drive. Things i really like: * Smarter use of breaking energy * The radar "distance keeper" in combination with cruise control !!! * LED headlights (no more garage work to replace a bulb!!) * lower RPM on the highway * Lower drag (even less wind noise) * Green switch (optimized fuel efficiency) Can't wait to go test drive it!! Ps. I would have loved a Prius 3.0 with a smaller engine, bigger motor and LI-ION and plug in, but alas, the American consumer :-)
As a foreign observer I am totally flabbergasted by the fact that the American public just seems to except this rip-off by the Bush administration. He will be long gone when the full impact of this disaster becomes clear. I would think the crowds were marching down the streets with hay forks by now, demanding Bush's head on a plate.