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Sounds like many a blues song I've ever heard. Loved it Tameka.
How delightful. Tell them, there's no need to be angry red we all play the fool for love at some point.
Congrats to you Tameka. All doors open when the time is right and your time is obviously right.
Interesting very very interesting. Although, I am not one for labels unless it's to tell me if the can is corn or sauerkraut... lol I'm curious though. You know me pretty well through my blog and my FB, what do you think I am?
You had me at the word Turkey. Mmmm. I will be prepping and cooking and crock potting (not to be confused with crack pot) it up on Thanksgiving day. I do all the cooking, I'll be tired and grouchy and starve myself all day long until dinnertime. Then I will eat until I almost pop and fall asleep and wake up and have at it again. Because that is what Thanksgiving is all about. LOL I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. xoxo
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If I didn't have dust allergies I might be found cuddling with a book instead of my Blackberry. lol This was beautiful Tameka, books give us something that few humans ever do... a constant place to call home. My daughter agrees with you @Raven. She has never owned a Kindle or used one but, she tells me constantly that she never wants one. She'd much rather have a book to cling to.
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I accidently deleted the file from my PC. But, I did manage to find it on one site. I think the page is public so you should be able to hear it without signing up. If not let me know, I will change settings. I actually recorded it on my BB voicenotes so the sound is not the best it could be but, it's not like I was aiming to rap. After doing it though, they realized they couldn't bully me. HA The one I battled with was the one named Diss. It was my one against his 4. Then he came at me again but, I was so unimpressed I didn't even bother anymore. LOL
I need to catch up on this whole series. That was so beautiful. It's funny how men can bare their soul in music but, some have difficulty doing it in personal relationships. One day I may play with music, right now I'm busy with everything else. I do have a freestyle up on a site after I had some dude come at me. Yea buddy, they didn't know this "old" lady could rap. HA
I agree with some of these and some I don't do. Almost makes me want to write up my own views on comments. I'm sure that what you've said works for many bloggers. I also know from experience some doesn't work for me. I enjoyed your post nevertheless and as always I will be back.
Sister stories make me cry. I am never going to be over losing my sister. I am never going to stop beating myself up for not calling more or taking pictures with her when we were together as adults. Cherish those moments...every single one of them because some of us would trade years of our lives to have those moments back. Thank you for sharing a beautiful story and sentiment.
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Perfectly Prolific Ostentatious Poetic Passion lol I could go on for days. How about a toothpaste? Oral Obsession or Outburst... Ok someone stop me now before I write about crazy stuff only my eccentric mind could come up with. This was nice, you're right we should have our own perfumes. I think we don't get the publicity that celebs do unless we write a great sci-fi movie or romantic comedy. It would be nice if we did who knows maybe one day.
Nice, looks like you had a lot of fun. Happy almost Summer to you.
Oh my such meaning, such sensual juices flowing from your fingers. Bravo.... is now following The Typepad Team
Jun 7, 2011