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Forker Girl
A Queen of Partialities who has taught Limited Fork Theory at universities & anywhere else she can: a Blog Prof
Interests: Forking sounds, visuals (static and moving), texts, textures, and other aspects of the cosmos with collaborative potential. Big Fan of the aesthetics of complex systems. Collecting shadows, reflections, boxes, inedible edibles, and other indications of interactions.
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Working on a poam to be part of my forthcoming collection of poetry, "Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities RED DRESS Code", forthcoming September 2016 from Persea Books... "Hypnosis at the Bird Factory", a poam meant to inhabit video poam... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2015 at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines
Happy to announce that my (Thylias Moss) next volume of poetry, my 11th book will be published in September 2016: "Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities, RED DRESS Code" by Persea Books! I have a YouTube video of the same... Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2015 at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines
Congratulations! --can't wait to read this poem!
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2015 on "Blue Coming" poem! at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines
Just found out yesterday, that my poem, "Blue Coming" written in response to: "What You Can't Understand Is Poetry Is Connected to the Body Again", a poem by Bob Holman, that might be published eventually with that poem as part... Continue reading
Posted Feb 23, 2015 at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines
Ok Bob, I understand that I am a user. I try to have respect for languages, and I guess I do need to learn what language really is (and it ain't Alice and Jerry [sort of continuing a comment on another list if yours] --not a good position for a poet to be in. Fan #1 is feeling a little bit useless and irrelevant --I need to give further thought (and this is one of my problems Bob, a little too much thought) to these sculptures I make out of words --I remember teaching in Art and Design,reminding students which should, (if it doesn't) included teachers that work had multiple sides, that a back should be made --even using paper,--the mediums is at least 3-dimensional, so making should consider multiple sides! --try to make for all parts of display, including the "wrong" side! --say the work were displayed incorrectly, what still could,be gleaned from it? --that's some of the essence I, a user, glean from your call to action --I have to make poetry more than it's been for me; I have to recall what drew me to poetry in the first place --why "poetry" and not just prose? I've considered poefry, a seeking of rhythms in expression more of my natural means of sculpting --and I so doing, I'm considering bottoms, tops, reverse, as many modes of presentation that I can think of, turning things on this heads, viewing them backwards, translating from languages I don't know, but from which appearance is suggestive, writing what those strange alphabets make me feel! --for there is meaning in feeling, and I do feel "poems" (in my case, I feel "poams" --products of acts of making --and I think that you include "poams" in what you're saying (please correct me if I'm wrong) --protector of what is made by anyone or anything! --not passing judgments on these makers, perhaps a reason I've tried to value mistakes made in writing, as opportunities,to seek other meanings (other languages, perhaps? --you've given me more homework, Bob.. Funny what you say; I have put myself in a situation where English is useless; I'm begining to learn Cherokee --not endangered, but I don't know it, and Cherokee doesn't even look like English, and that's a good thing --will,let to know wha comes of these efforts. Essence of humanity! --I'm with you there, but I have to with you in more than just lip-service. Immersion in Cherokee --my father would love that... Oh well, I ca explain that another time, and ideally in Cherokee.
Fantastic Bob, love when you talk about culture revealed in those three words --I asmit to thinking about Osijek culture revealed in those "Alive and Jerry" books I read in first grade (nit these were cultures such as anything that you've found --I was simply thrust in these locations when I was in first grade,mand now could I forger (obviously I didn't since he's emerging right now: "Spot" the dog --but that little,boy you imagine is related, more-or-less, to that Jerry --stories you tell become (whether or not they should) to stories I remember --and hadn't thought about until I read your post again, one of those strangers coming out,malts at night (midnight here) shivering and cold, "needing" --isn't that importantm and a basis for community right there! --to be "in need", and not in need of just anything, but in need of what has become "precious" --Fire!! For both light and heat! --such purpose! Not sure that there was any preciousness in "Alice and Jerry" --maybe more in Spot, named for his blackness, such a contrast with those white bones he was served but this is taking me even further from (or,then again, bringing me back to either or both light and heat,(indeed, I'm getting "fired up" ----and light and heat can be manifestations of things quite huge! --but you apply reigns and maintain connections with the local (you're quite good at that, Bob) --"Hey buddy, you got a match? --heat and light becoming potable, able to fit in a pocket where heat and light are anyway, pockets of existence, --and that's very good, but I leanred to keep,away from matches --when my braids,caught fire, when I was eight years old, something for me to think about --I have so much to,think about, even more illumination (light and heat)'from tlur posts, Fan #1 is still on the heated job.
Fantastic how a culture is revealed through these words, meanings seem so clear as you reveal them --got me thinking a little bit (and hope to think more on this later) culture revealed (or not) in those "Alice and Jerry readers I had in first grade --"Spot" the dog) --anyway, Bob, I liked the little boy you envidioned, and strange people (always useful, sometims, the stranger the better, but that's getting away from your story, piggybacking into other cultural tales just forming in my "big head" [swelling nicely, thank you] of dreams; strangers coming out at night, shivering and cold, needing --that's importantm isn't it, to be in "need" --there's a basis for some community right there! --thee has to be some form of need --and in this case, "needing" ( as we all do) some of the preciousness of Fire for light and heat --dual purpose!-- even better, to need both! --and these ideas seem so big, almost impossible to encomoss, light and heat can have huge implications and can also be considered as incredible local forms, light of eyes, heat of a body close by, ann even more local and portable in "Hey Buddy, you got s match?" --so the light and Heat can fit in s pocket, can br something you can't do without on some point on earth .... Will think further about this, Bob; things stay with Fan #1 for a very long time, as I make light, hest, either one or both, but, Bob, I never play with matches, mostly because of how my braids caught Fire when I was 8
Must say that I like this: current job is translating episodes of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” into Welsh." --I haven't watched the "Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles" in quite sometime; Do you watch this Bob? --not sure how many translations there are. Used to buy the figures for my son; first thing my older son did (wasn't too happy with the birth of my younger son) was jab the new baby in the eye with Raphael's plastic arm --no lasting damage, but I came close to using your more colorful language (at best, I'll use it during sex; haven't developed a knack for other usage). I was schooled quite well by my evangelical mother, and I'm certainly no spring chicken!
oops, Bob, here's the corrected first link: link to essays by Thylias Moss: “The Extraordinary Hoof” and “Contemlating the Theft of the Sow"
I really like this, Bob, "current job is translating episodes of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” into Welsh" --are you a fan of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" --haven't watched them in years, you know, but I was attracted by the "mutancy" of course, as you can imagine. Used to buy action figures for my older son who wasn't very happy with the birth of my younger son, so greeted him by jabbing his eye with Raphael's (I believe it was) plastic arm.... No Welsh for this jabbing, but I did come close to using more colorful language --didn't have a map of more for poetry for it. I stole some of Galway Kinnell's lines, about the bud --wanted the in one of my own poems, so that I could have those lines whenever I wanted them --my theft wasn't as grand as yours, you can read about my theft in my essay "Contemplating the Theft of the Sow" (Location of "The Extraordinaty Hoof" and "Contemplating the Theft of the Sow": Hope you like them. I was never that good at stealing --maybe there's still time. We'll see. Incorporated the pilfered lines in my poam: Deirdre in Kinnell's 'Saint Francis and the Sow' with the Aid of France Bourely's 'Micronautics': Also the Culture of Epistle" in Tokyo Butter --think that this link to that poam may still be active (my apologies if it's not):
hmm --still thinking about implications of this: "Baby baby the only way to stop this poem is to kiss kiss Where each kiss becomes a word in Welsh In My Big Head of Dreams" --what a grand finale, and I so appreciate the more than apt analogy with your relationship with Welsh being a lot like having a lover: I was going to say something like that, but nearly as eloquently --you love Welsh and from your descriptions, Welsh is also trying to love you --as best as Welsh can. "Essence" of humanity! --yes; you have to give everything, and there's always more, and it's never enough! --but isn't that a point if giving to something that is an "essence"? --how to really be an essence if there were ever enough! Why give anything, why try anymore if there's completion, no "more", that is? My Dear Bob! --a very purpose of "limited forking" is making such connections, growing them, cultivating them, somehow never overcoming "more" --which must always be there in unreachable forms, as we seem to get closer, "more" constantly grows, and it isn't the same more we pursue, but we're always in pursuit! ALWAYS! As usual Mr. B, I need to think further --in my pursuit of "best" ways to comment on "pursuit" of what already is,growing into so much "more" in my head, swelling --as best as it can-- to accommodate some of a "more" of these growing and swirling "more" of ideas in a single head. Thank you again. Fan #1 will return to comment further. She has to, for she is "more" than what she's already stated. "More" later.,
Really like/inspired/lifted/fired by this: surrounded by a language that had taught me important truths that would infuse the whole film. And my life. "Important truths! --truths are always important! --even when they hurt! --so nice to live a life infused! --you're so very lucky there! I think that all lives are infused,with something, but too often, in our imperialist ways, not the things that ultimately matter, your grounding is so often remarkable to me, one who entertains what is always --as it should be -- out of reach; I impose "cosmic meanings, and identifies, purposes on everything I can --never mind their tethers to the earth --finding examples of the universe and its connections in, for instance, synapses of the brain, constellations in the big head of big dreams of yours --I can see the universe in that teacup being drunk from those at tables in your poetry club in big heads full of big dreams, swelling with even bigger dreams whenever they can... What a mission you have! Saw you driving that van in your film that I encourage everyone to watch! Fan #1 is working hard, even if you didn't know that.
I must say that I like your story of immersion in this,language, and your finding this purpose for your life! --what is a life without purpose, Me. B --and you've found and were found by such an amazing purpose system. You're well ahead of most of us unable,to travel and track down and do our parts to make sure we attempt to minimize losses of things more valuable than what we seem to praise --through our actions-- imperialists that we all become (at least sometimes). You wear all of your hats well, I must say, and I'm surprised with just his many hats you're able to wear on your big head full of big dreams --hope that your dreams become even bigger! --for what good is a dream that can be managed and contained? --you, sir, have freed the dream, and given it the space it needs! --thanks you for all you do! Fan #1 Thylias
Love the theft Bob, somewhat easy to think of you as a red dragon. I know no Weslsh at all, so have little that I can add in that consideration. I must say that I do like your bashing of Amerian Imperialism
Fan #! speaking here! (being listed as "Forker Girl" because I have a typepad blog --in he bully language, of course) Thylias
--and I want to see this too: "And I want you to see David Grubin and me actually getting in the water, up to our knees, daring the Pacific in our bermudas, trying to write a poem while the waves tried to push us over." (especially the bermudas") Thylias
Just the idea of language nests is so, so appealing. Just what a nest makes me think of, location of protection, propagation, comfort, where something remains until it can fend for itself... "Native" languages of the "Americas" --would love to have a conversation with you about some of that! --even with just what are the "Americas"--could begin right there... The way you describe Hawaii makes me regret that I've never been there. We have so little choice in languages being offered for study; indeed your expression "bully" language is so honest, and also so frightening because the bully language seems unstoppable and in no danger of dying at all; not even a threat. No potentially fatal disease; and only small, hiccups in mispronunciations and so easy to just invent a word, any adaptation of a word, as long as there's some sort of understanding of what it attempted to be expressed. How difficult to learn English, a primary "bully" language, yet so necessary --just for this blog --are we not being bullies ourselves using it? And can any poetry be as authentic as poetry can be when many of us, such as myself, must rely on its usage? Even with a flair for "English" just what is the authenticity, and if that's not a concern, how do you feel yourself about using the bully language? --your astonishing fluency --and yet, were this very blog written in some other language, would not some of the voting be lost? Is there not an expectation that we read and can understand what you say in this "payback"? I was not born into a language nest; no such thing around me --proficiency in the bully language was mandated from the start --everything I did served the bully language.... Must think about this further --that's what I like about your blog, gets me thinking --in the "bully" language! Thank you for this post, Bob. Thylias
A DAY OF SURVIVAL! A day to share with others, no matter what, and a day, like all days to be sure that all are forgiven! That's what today is for me! -- as 2014 draws to a close, I... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2014 at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines
Video poam that unfortunately states: "Death of Death", but death--fortunately-- contines; part of forking deah is, of course, a means of recycling, a means in which things that exist , can connect and exchange information. Part of what it means... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2014 at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines
Ways to determine value, to determind worth, meaning, ways to connect and recognize how collaborative just about whatever exists, will exist or ever has existed is part of an enormous system of existence in which form changes, time, scale, though... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2014 at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines
(joined, like most things, in progress)...subscribing to the everybody's an individual idea, no total duplication, no two alike --I mean that's comforting, appealing, isolating somewhat, too, but really boosts the innovative aspect of being, even if those differences are small:... Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2014 at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines
REMEMBERING I don’t want to remember, yet I do; I’d rather be asleep –as if I’ve eaten something incompatible with my system. Something I can’t digest –though I’ve had many years to get used to it. I’m recalling –though I... Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2014 at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines
Eating my fill - SCARS! I realize I come to this late, but how persuasive this post is is! (responding to this Huffington Post article —thank you so much for posting! –my scars (repaired head following a rupture of an... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2014 at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines
Charlie Chaplin's "Fork Dance" on YouTube:
Love Charlie Chaplin's "Fork Dance" in which rolls are so reminiscent of potatoes; reminds me of an ancient hunger that I recognized with my deceased cousin Hilda whom I refer to as Beloved Cousin Deirdre; visited this hunger in an... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2014 at A Limited Forker Girl's Tines