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I will add that dual citizenship has nothing to do with development in Cameroon. It is fascinating how people use the net to insult others using funny names. We are a better people and we should treat each other with respect whether we are using names like unitedstatesof america. Saying that most Cameroonians in the diaspora have made is really not accurate; Ebini might be using different standards to measure success. If we take the salary of a teacher in Cameroon and that of a security guard in the US we might assume that the security guard has made it in the diaspora comapared to the teacher. But this is a very low standard to use. Again, Cameronians are a unique people and we should not forget that. Mr. Ebini is entitled to inform the people of whatever he thinks might help fix the economic situation back home. He has been doing that for a very long time and I commend him for that, but with the issue of dual nationality, I think he is dead wrong. we don't need American citizenship to succeed in America. All what we need is permenent residency. American citizenship gives you no extra advantage. I work as a security guard with several Americans and we make the same money and I am just a permenent resident. The really problem is some of us in the diaspora have no exit strategy. We don't know why we are here and we just live from day to day trying to make ends meet. I have met a lot of Cameroonians who are worse off here in the US than they were back home. It is a fact and no matter how we dispute it, itis the fact. I live in Montgomery County in Maryland and of the thousands of Camerooniand here I cannot say we have anybody who has a real business except we want to count hair saloons and places where they change tires as businesses. We have a few restaurants and beer palors but they are just names and nothing that somebody can say it is a real business. These are facts and if somebody has information to challenge these facts I will be glad. I want to see Cameroonians make it in the diaspora but that is not the case for now. I am instead very worried at the rate at which Cameroonians are dying in the DC metropolis and I think that is something that Mr. Ebini can address in his next piece.
Mr. Ndifor, Did you have somebody in mind? Are we going to sit around and wait for a woman to remove Biya from office? This is really grappling in the dark. Ellen Johnson was a powerhouse in Liberian politics before she ever ran for the presidency. I am not sure there is such a woman in Cameroon. We have some phonies who have been bought by the current administration and there is just not much we can do. Biya is going to win the next election and the next, all what we should pray for is that what happened to Bongo should happen to him. Luckily for us Frank is not the kind of person we should be worried about.
I am not certain why people call Ahidjo a hero. What did he do that qualifies him to be called a hero? He inherited a country that was faring well like all other countries in the 60s and institutionalized demagogy and corruption. He changed the constitution to get Biya as president and we call him a hero and castigate Biya for doing the same things? Both Biya and Ahidjo are thugs and Biya is following the footprints of Ahidjo. Biya has not done anything that Ahidjo would not have done if he was still president. Let us stop shedding crocodile tears and focus on how to prepare for the next election.
I am really tired of people bashing our African women who come here and work hard to maintain a home. Most of these kids that you are talking about are from relationships that these men could not handle. Cameroonian men have a lot to blame for the actions of these women. When they get loans and go back home to get married they don't give the real picture of their situations here in the US, and when these girls come they are disappointed and I see with them. Why are we always moving from one woman to another leaving children behind? The answer to this question will solve the mystery that this author is trying to blame on Cameroonian women whether they be from the village or not. I still don't understand why people ask their parents to look for women for them. Didn't they have sweet hearts when they were growing up? I am confuse about these. Don't disparage our women, they are working hard to keep some of the men you are trying to support.
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Dec 4, 2009