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Matt Foss
Interests: science, astronomy, skepticism, atheism, secularism, humanism, separation of church and state, freedom from religion
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This is the best thing I've seen all day. It put a smile on my face, especially: "Could have gone another way Thank your mutant DNA Baby, we evolved this way" Love it!
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Taking any kind of stance regarding most religions (or "non-religious" spiritual belief systems) is inherently confrontational. A religious person asserting that their religion is true implies that anyone who doesn't believe in it is wrong; a spiritual person asserting that a spiritual entity exists implies that anyone who doesn't believe in it is wrong. People of different liberal religious/spiritual belief systems can "tolerate" each others' beliefs because they believe that their gods or what have you want them to be accepting of others who believe in something even if they get the theological details wrong. Atheists have a unique dark-clouds-during-a-picnic effect on such discourse; our worldview implies that we're alone on a speck of dust careening through the cold, uncaring void that is the universe. Most people don't like to think about the concept that there aren't any gods or spirits or faeries to guide us, and would rather live in a happy fantasy.
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