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Donna Foster
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Jun 13, 2012
At first, I thought the appropriate reaction to Mayor Bloomberg's suggested ban on mega-ounce drinks was to roll one’s eyes and be grateful for not living in NY. After all, “I may not drink super-sized carbonated beverages but I will defend until death your right to do so,” just doesn’t... Continue reading
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Although I voted in the 2008 primary for Romney, this time I will vote for Santorum. In 2008, I felt Romney was the best of the worst. I don't see Romney's turning point from progressive to conservative. He flip flops on important issues and I believe he obtained tax payor dollars to turn the Olympics around. In short, I believe he stands for big government despite his claims at being a conservative, and like John McCain, I think he would go back to his old ways as soon as he was elected. I also believe that OWS was set up particularly for Romney and I don't believe the GOP establishment should pick the nominee.
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Mar 2, 2012
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Mar 2, 2012