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Susan Foster
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It would be so fun to visit with Liz! The flight reminds me of the many hair raising flights I had in the years we lived in Sitka. Can't wait to see more pictures.
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Boy, I thought long and hard on this one, looks like great fun! Wish I could have rationalzed it! But we had just returned from a two week trip to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, also fun, but not too yarn related.
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I was a librarian for 36 years. I love books. Real paper and ink books. I read a whole lot, but have never tried an e-reader, nor do I intend to. I exchange books at a local used book store, and occasionally buy used books on line. That said, I have an Audible account and I love it. I get two books and transfer them to my iPhone each month. I listen while I knit, spin, drive the car, anything where I simply can't read. I have used Audible for long enough that I recognize the names of good readers. Highly recommend it!
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I would love Ann's book. I took a class from he at Knit UK in Sterling and LOVED it! I have long admired her wonderful projects!
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I have knit many of Penny's Designs, several for my daughter(years and years ago)that her son is now wearing! And I am still wearing a couple, as they have never seem out of date. Thanks for the link!
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Jan 23, 2013