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I'm completely OCD in class, which is probably why Iyengar yoga suits me so well (lining up props JUST SO). I won't take bright colored blankets from the pile because I think the color is distracting while practicing- always go for muted or earth tones. DEF line up the mat with the floor boards. I often fall asleep in savasana, then a big twitch jolts me awake, and I look around to see if anyone else noticed.
I think Alo makes some really cute clothes!! I actually interviewed with them a month ago for a freelance design job, but they never called me :( boohoo. Thanks for the discount code though, will def purchase a cute wrap top asap!
I just saw a poster on the sidewalk yesterday that said "You Have Everything You Need". It really stayed with me and I was reminded of it by your post! Some poses I ditch the mat, most poses I use it.
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Oct 8, 2010