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Sep 21, 2010
mmmmm.... I know I would love this soup! I will definitely be looking to acquire this cookbook - thanks for the inspiration oh culinary friend o' mine! ps looks like you are having fun with the new camera too! Great shots!!
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2010 on TOMatoes! at Keda's going Kulinary
Awesome Carrie - fun to read and to imagine the smiles on those little Bab faces (and a Haberstock I see) when they came home from school - wish we lived down the block to have joined you!!
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2010 on BARISTA AND BROWNIES at Keda's going Kulinary
Yay Carrie - Keda! Go girl~ so excited for you to be doing this!! Looking forward to great photos and tasty food ideas too :)
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Sep 11, 2010
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Sep 11, 2010