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Great post--and love the stats to back this up! I'd been looking for "the numbers" and had posted on this topic, at . Thanks, again!
Toggle Commented May 25, 2011 on The Writer as Willy Loman at Buzz, Balls & Hype
Hey, Beth! Ay-yuh, ah, brings back memories--sure have. On the Poudre and I think it's the Arkansas, down by Royal Gorge. On the Arkansas, there was some interesting moments, one of which had my wife being tossed out of the raft and me "popping" her back in (she was fine and did everything you were supposed to once "waterborne"), but on the Poudre, well...let's just say that I should have gotten the hint when we were putting in and everyone on the opposite side of the river wore HELMETS. The long and the short of it was it was totally adrenaline fueled (and not in a good way) and ended up with ALL of us out of the raft and only our "guide" left in the raft at the end. I found out afterward that said "guide" had never been down this river before. From the knees down I was nothing but grapefruit-sized black and blue welts--and never felt them cause of how much time I spent in freezing water. Rafting is a blast, but MAKE SURE your guide knows the river and what they're doing, or you may not be so "lucky." Best of success on your blog tour, Beth and have fun!
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Mar 3, 2011