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I created this a while back with an earlier version of Autocad, with the use of the .mns file, which are no longer in use, but can ?? be brought into newer versions of Autocad. I did a search on my computer and found the .mns file that contained text for these commands. ***ACCELERATORS ["NUMPAD5"]'_osmode;4; ["NUMPAD1"]'_osmode;1; ["NUMPAD0"]'_osmode;0; ["NUMPAD2"]'_osmode;2048; ["NUMPAD7"]'_osmode;32; ["NUMPAD4"]'_osmode;2; ["NUMPAD3"]'_osmode;512; ["NUMPAD6"]'_osmode;16; ["NUMPAD8"]'_osmode;65; ["NUMPAD9"]'_osmode;128; I hope this information in some way helps you. I'm not knowledgeable in programming or .lisp and it's entirely possible this will not work in 2011.
I have created a very similar routine using OSMODE, for my purposes, I mapped osnaps to the number keypad using transparent modifiers. Using this method I'm able to change or cancel osnaps on the fly without canceling my durrent command.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2010 on Objectively looking at Object Snaps at The H-Factor
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Nov 30, 2010