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Is the float always white? Lightroom makes it so easy to use any shade of white or grey as well as any color.
I got my black one today from Adorama. I have a GH2 as well; but I want the IBIS of the EM5 because I have 8 legacy lenses (5 Nikkor AIS lenses and 3 reg43 Oly lenses). They work fine on the GH2, even generally without stabilization since all but one of the lenses has an evof of 170mm or less. I just have to bump the ISO up to ensure 1/focal length shutter speed. But the Oly 70-300 could use some help. And of course in low light I am hoping IBIS allows me to shoot without tripod in more situations. The 70-300 will be the first lens I try. Peter F.
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2012 on Why I'm Buying an OM-D at The Online Photographer
Thanks for these insights/impressions, which I haven't read anywhere else....So it was fun the read your post! I'm a GH2 fan and haven't yet seen any images comparing camera size of GH2 v. OM5,though there have been a few comparing the G3 and OM5 size. I'm looking forward to seeing that comparison. Peter F
I wonder how Lightroom 3 would do with this. There is a selection tool and sharpening can be applied therefore to the selected area only. It may not be as powerful as unsharp mask, I don't know. Peter F.
Good enough came to mind my mind earlier this summer when I made a 24" print of a lighthouse scene from my "tiny" sensor LX5 (plenty of light, ISO80, polarizer) which is gorgeous and at close inspection easily matched the smaller 18" prints I made from a Nikon D40 with kit lens and ISO200 four summers ago. I know have a Oly 620 with 14-54 and on my recent lighthouse trip to Maine I found that 2/3rds of the time I left the Oly in the car and used the LX5 instead. Peter F.
It's too bad that any future cost of upgrading is so expensive... because if one ever wants to get the next generation of sensor which will inevitably make its way into the next version, one will need to replace the entire lens-and-body unit. (The same problem I will have with my pocket cams, of course, but not with the m43 solution).
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2011 on Fuji Finepix X100 Review at The Online Photographer
Very nicely done. I especially enjoyed the "interview" section. Nice to see something presented using a different literary "formula". (I own the S90 and the LX5... The LX5 "fits" into a pocket but does not "slip" into a pocket the way the S90 and S95 do. The real difference is that you really don't know the S90 is there; while the LX5 makes itself known.)
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2010 on Canon S95 Review at The Online Photographer
Thanks! This makes me feel better about the fact that I seem to refuse to use a tripod. Of 17,000 images on my harddrive only one was taken with a tripod. They are just no fun to use (for me!). I handhold for bracketing/hdr, I handhold for butterflies and flowers, I handhold for panos. I realize my shots might be sharper with at tripod, but it is just no fun. And thankfully high ISO is getting better and better. Peter
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2010 on Doing It Your Way at The Online Photographer
Great post. I've always thought of printing as a seperate (but tangential) hobby unto itself. And its been a hobby I have not been interested in. Sort of like a flyfisherman who doesn't tie his own flies. I do however do everything I can in photoshop and lightroom and then request Mpix print it "as is" without any adjustments, correction, etc.
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Feb 15, 2010