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Here in France I can buy the Burda magazine, and since it's only 6 euros (with the paper patterns, heavier than tissue), I go that route when an issue has patterns I like. But. I've found their skirts to be seriously wonky, to the point where I won't make them any more. I visit the big-name patternmaker websites all the time for inspiration after seeing looks I like in stores. I only buy from them on sale, though, and like you say they do it pretty often. I finally got a couple designer patterns recently (on sale too! $30 at regular price, yeesh), and have to say they are really nice. Their directions give accurate couture techniques, which impressed me. Long story short, their tissue patterns have always been worth it - I've never had problems with them like I have with Burda ones. Just today I took apart the last wonky Burda skirt I'll ever make, and re-cut it to a McCall's pattern that turned out beautifully. I do wish they'd use more normally-sized women as models, but on Facebook they're pretty awesome about sharing people's projects in all sizes. Worlds better than Burda, who always seem to showcase tiny women. Burda dresses and trousers can really be great though! Still wearing some Burda capris I made years ago. is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 11, 2012