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The Kitchen Top Secret Ice Ball Maker set has six ice ball molds that create round ice cubes. Use them in any kind of drink! The round ice swirling in your glass is always an eye catcher. And, because of the shape, the surface area of the ice ball is less per volume and usually last longer than normal ice cubes and thus does not water down your drink as fast. The sphere size is large enough to last, but small enough to fit most standard rocks glasses. The ice ball molds are compact chef gadgets so they are easy to store. Because there are six individual units in this ice ball maker set, it doesn’t take as long as trays or an ice press. They each have a fill line for reference and the ice molds are translucent so you can see when to stop filling them. Once you’ve made your ice sphere, just throw the kitchen tool into the dishwasher to clean it up. Impress you friends and guests with a Kitchen Top Secret Ice Ball Maker set from Amazon.
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Mar 1, 2015