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Jul 19, 2011
Just looking at all the earrings again. So beautiful. I really wish I could sign up for the class. I am promising myself one of your classes for christmas.
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This is great. Thank you.
Sorry, miss-spelling in my post. 'someone had a bug up their...'is what I tried to say. A group in the capitol, in Alaska suit against Palin almost weekly while she was in office. It was and is costing the state of Alaska a lot of money. I don't know how much. Just shrugged it off since she's not in office anymore. Stopped thinking of it....
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2009 on Dear Sarah Palin, at Foolery
Try living in the same state. I could send you the papers. The endless, endless, lawsuits brought against Palin, the state has to settle. The sheer cost as long as she was in office we (in Alaska)had to keep paying for the pleasure. Really don't know what was going on in the capitol but someone had a but up...and would not let go. Daily happenings and investigations still ongoing as far as I can tell but closing down a little in the press. We'll see........
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From what I remember of cows,(childhood in Walla Walla Wa ) I would much rather confront them from the back of a horse. I always hated having to get too close to them. They are BIG and brainless. The 'Brainless' part of it is both the curse and the blessing. lol Glad you came out OK. Great Blog!!
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Nov 21, 2009
hhhmmmm....I don't know what side of the coin I'm on...though my friends and family keep giving me copies of the 'Adams Family' as gifts. Admiration, hints, respect? Don't know but I have several now. Video and DVD. Hadn't thought about it but I do get some strange (re- odd) chance encounters...Love you blog. Thanks for the laugh on a cold night.
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Nov 21, 2009