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@Don You are clearly right and i am right that´s why i call it a strange discussion. In a lot of regions it is just a question when you start or which date in history you choose to underline the arguments or even which parts of a region you take. Just look at the old german french conflict and the history of some regions there. The only thing that counts is that now the people feel french and that bohemia belongs to the Czech republic. The german history is very complicated and for example you should never call a austrian german nowadays as i did or the cia factbook does. It is good to live in a time where these problems do not really count anymore at least for the vast majority in europe and this ia a great gift. i ma not quite sure when i visite the uS next time because i had german friends in the uS but they came back and one lives in canada now.
@Blue State Conservative I know i visitet Chicago four years ago. I had the impression that al ot of germans or people with a german heritage live there according to the shops. In other parts of the US i sometimes had problems to get a "real" breat. breat and some sorts of wurst that is what i would really call typical german .
@Don This is a strange disussion i do not want to take part in that. As i said regiins often belonged to different nations in europe and even the structure of the people cahnged often. by the way austria is a good example it is a german nation populated by germans but is a independent nation now with a huge national pride as we can see above. That´s the way it is but who should care about thses things. You refered to historic things and you are wrong on that. Nothing more nothing less but that does not make prague a german city today but it clearly was a german city in the past if someone wants to use this despcription. Huge parts of Bohemia had a majority of germans who lived there WWII and mr benes changed that.
@Blue State Conservative It is a very nice palce to have relatives. It is Weihnachtsmarkt or as students would call it Glühweinmarkt. A gift at the evening and a nightmare the following day. by the way karl marx was a great historian and his analyses are impressing in my view and he wrote some very interesting articles. When someone judges the writing of marx he has to remember that we are all victims of the time we live in and try to find answers to the problems we face. Marx did the same that he was wrong on many issues and predictions does not make his work smaller or his influence. it is more a gift to us living in a better world than the world he knows. I lived in the karl marxstr. ans during my years there i had to photograph a lot of chinese visiting this building in huge groups. i believe that will change in the future.
Oh and don´t forget a trip to the city of luxembourg.
@Blue State Conservative This is my home region and i visited the university of trier. The oldest city in germany and a very beautifull city with a lot of history. If you got time you should drive to trier through the moselle valley. I would enter at bernkastel Kues because it is not so much additional driving but worth to see the the old market place and they offer a lot of regional wines in the Wine museum that you can taste but also buy. The middle part of the moselle produces better wine with the most famous sites and wine estates. With nice weather a very beautifull trip my wife is from northern germany and also like this sorts of beer. In sothern germany they prefer sweeter sorts of beer. For someone prefering beer Kloster Machern is perhabs a nice rest ( they make their own beer) it is a old monastary it is nice there and only five miles away from bernksatel. If time is a problem i would stay a little longer in trier so it is not a must. If you got questions i lived more than twenty years there.
@Blue State Conservative The story of these parliamentarians is of the table but i agree and this is not only funny this is simply stupid but it shows how sensitive this topic is here. These politicians are also fans and if klinsmann does not change his work he will face a very very hard time. Germans (at least many of us) are more than insane on the football issue. In my family everybody plays or played football. Normaly i am a very calm rational person but fotball really changes that ask my girl friend. my team is Cologne so she really has and had a hard time during the last years. It is a part of our culture and we take it serious as all things. You just have to look at the position of Beckenbauer ( the Kaiser) in the german society. It doesn´t matter what he does or what he says because he is and will always be the kaiser. He is above all critizism it is unbelivable. So football can give you a lot but it also can be a very hard and unfair business and as said beeing the coach of the national team is the best and the worst job on earth it is just a question at which time you ask. Good luck in Germany and be carefull which beer you choose and according to the tickets perhabs in some ways it is a gift to live in a country where not so many people are interested in football although a huge number of americans play this sport and the team is getting better.
@don this is a very strange discussion and i do not have the same oppinion as Dave but prague had a majority of germans until the early 20 th century. You are right that the holy roman empire was not german in the modern sense but what does make something german in a modern sense? it is wrong to judge such things from a modern percpective. The old empires had no ethnic oriented borders. the university of prague was the first german university and not the first whatsoever university. In the history of europe there were so many changes and regions often belong to different nations. Thanks to mr Beneš and his policy there is no need for continuing discussions where Bohemia belongs to and so the problem is solved and in some decades we all belong to the EU.
@Blue State Conservative I read this news about some umknown politicians that want to have a discussion with Klinsmann but that will not happen. It is like every summer when politicians that you never heard of and you never will hear anything from in future see the change to make it in the news. Klinsmann get payed by the DFB and not by public money and so it is up to this bunch of old guys to solve this problem but i doubt that anything will happen. Like a lot of germans i am a little bit emotional we are not only talking about a world cup ( important enough) we talk about a world cup in germany. everybody knows that we have a very very young team and that there are several other teams which are really better and so nobody would blame klinsmann if we do not become world champion. it is not easy beeing the coach of the national team in germany. Klinsmann was a good player european champion world champion but we have a lot of these guys and that is not enough and counts nothing when our teams plays like in italy. Klinsmann has to realize what it means to be the coach of the national teams is not only a job and having a philosophy of football is a good thing and i would even agree with him but often in live you have to realize what is possible and not what perhabs is wishfull in theory. We are talking about football here and for millions of germans including me that is far more important than politics or a huge number of other things. have a nice trip does that mean you have tickets that would be a good reason to be jelous at least until now but i am willing to pay a lot of money so i hope there will be the possibilaty to see at least one german match althouh these complicated rules with the tickets and the black market
You can change a coach but not a complete team. You have to find the best tactic for the players you have in your team. A good example was greece at the european championchips old fashioned terrible football but very effectiv. "who have unbelivable technical skills" germany was and is succesfull in football because of our fitness and the so called german tugenden fighting spirit never to give up and beeing able to show the best performance when it counts at a tournament. Germany never ( beside the 70s) played a good technical football and we never will. What klinsmann does not realize is that our german team without a very solid defence will not be successfull at the world cup. One comment about the "real" topic here. 1. For the US patriotism is a good and important tool to unify the nation of imigrants and avoid bigger problems. 2. A strong nationalism and patriotism in europe would be a huge problem and harm the european unification process. The EU is complicated enough even without a american way of patriotism in several member states but perhabs the upcoming generations will greate a european patriotism i would welcom that. All two years we have a football tournament and can wave our flags and beeing patriotic i gues that´s more than enough in my oppinion.
@Blue State Conservative They are not blaming the US. They are blaming klinsmann for having the wrong tactic and doing the wrong things not listening to other people showing a arrogant behavior beeing thousands of miles away less than 100 days before the biggest and most important sport event on earth creating flight costs of more than 100000 euros and where the hell should i stop. "He finds American sports training methods superior and has tried to introduce them at the German national team level (and has failed). " Yea the biggest problem of all german national teams in hte history of football was that they had a fitness problem and all the other teams had a great advantage here while the germans had this unbelivable technical skills like no other nation on this planet. LOL
@americanbychoice I know that the civil aviation business is a part of national pride here and in the US but both Airbus and Boeing are doing more than well at the moment and their will be no change in the near future. boeing had a market share of more than 80% ten years ago now it is below 50% and airbus is the number one and so it is more than fair to say that we saw a airbus decade. This might change in the future and boeing archived to create a well performing plane with the 787 and airbus had problems int he widebody market last year. they will have to act in terms of the 340. The 320 family is dominating the narrowbody market and they would even get more market share from boeing if they could produce more of this planes. You can predict the future and you know that the 380 is a failiure but it is more wishfull thinking. The 380 is sold until the year 2010 and it has a market. Airbus thought the 380 will be a door opener for additional business with boeing customers mainly the japanse airlines where airbus has a hard time because of the "special relations" of boeing and japan but also others. That has not been the case and is a clear dissapointment for airbus until now. That brings us to the subsidies issue ( japan pays a lot of direct subsidies for the 787). I know that a lot of boeing fans will be very dissapointed about the WTO ruling. Both do not deserve subsidies but both benefit from very different ways of getting taxpayers money. There are reasons why both producers found a compromise years ago on that topic and boeing has also a lot to lose on this issue and i still belive that there will be a compromise because the only winner will be the taxpayers in very different countries when we see a wto ruling. Now the macroeconomic discussion we are export world champion vs but our growth numbers are higher and our unemployement and so on. The german situation will not improve without a growing domestic demand our very good export situation and our very good position on hte world market will not greate the growth we need. but it will take additional years of pain but i am very confident according to the developement in the last years. germany gets more and more competitive and there is no indication that this will stop but it is also a reason for the low domestic demand due to sinking incomes etc. The situation of the US is a complete different one. The good growth numbers are based on consumer spending and a very unique behavior of the american people. Looking at the present numbers it is very doubfull that this will continue in the future. Even if there is no housing bubble or other doom scenarios. Consumers can spent their housing equity only one time and they can not save less than they had in the last years. Nobody belives that the house prices will increase in the upcomming years in the way we saw it in the last years. There is simply no real space for additional grwoth of consumer spending given the fact that there is a wage pressure in the US too and increases will produce a even higher trade deficit due to additional outsourcing. The party is over and in my view greenspan left at the right time.