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Naysayers said enough of us wouldn't quit, it was all talk. Enough of us did, and quitting does make a difference. It puts a downside to raising prices. I think it is good because producers are not going to be able to demand such high fees out of Netflix because Netflix will have to be very careful about how much it pays. this is going to take many years to play out. I read where NBC is trying to charge cable providers more for their content.
BoB, I think that is the best choice. Streaming is a great add on, but new movies are what people were always looking for when they went to the local video store to rent. Netflix DVD has the new movies, the old movies, and the best depth of independents and foreign movies. I still would think DVD's would be what the main stream would be looking for. You could get them other places, but unless you are an infrequent watcher Netflix still offers the most economical choice. I am quitting for a bit, but I will probably go back in 6 months or so and move around from streaming to DVD depending on what is available.
I like the show, and it might keep me signed up for streaming for an month, but I don't have cable. I wonder how many people will want to watch this because most have cable, and they could have watched it if they wanted. Why is it worth the huge per episode cost. Each season is only 13 episodes, so it only really helps if this is a pattern, but it would be an expensive pattern.
I am going to quit for the fall TV season at least and see how it goes from there. I actually am going to start getting busy, so I won't have a need for anything to watch. I probably would have kept the account open just to have something occasionaly, but now will not. Combined the plans were excellent value, separated there are other alternatives, and I will look at those when I have more time to watch something. What I could do is switch back and forth between the two. The streaming doesn't have the new releases of many shows I like, so I will go to DVD only for some months, and then I could go to streaming other months, especially with Netflix getting shows like Mad Men. I don't have cable, so I like Netflix getting Mad Men, but most people have cable, so I can't see it being worth what they paid for it. It is good for me though.
Exclusives do us no good and means the company with the most money dominates. There could be a content war with one or two other big competitors, but it locks out others, and means we will lose out unless we want to also spend the money on the one or two others that get exclusives. It could mean that much of what the internet has to offer as far as entrainment is unfulfilled. Monopolies on the internet will be about the same as on cable. It will take a few years for this to develop, so who knows. Just something I have some concern about No biggie though worst case I watch less and I get a life!
They can license it to HBO and s Showtime a year or so later to keep costs down. They could also distribute DVDs. I think I will just wait and rent it from Blockbuster or stream it from Amazon. (: I guess they have to do this because of what the studios are doing, holding back and raising prices. HBO is about $10 a month or so, depending on where you are, right? Doesn't seem like they have much upside on prices now. This type of thing is pretty risky, with a different required skill set.
As I don't have cable, this is a good thing. One concern I have is that it is an exclusive. If Hulu Plus or Amazon gets exclusives on other good shows we will be out in the cold or we will be paying as much as cable by needing multiple providers. It also increases the cost of the incensing fees, which means less content or higher prices. This is why Netflix DVDs still rule. It is the only source for nearly all new release shows and movies(I consider the 30 day window to be fine).
Shoan, I don't consider Redbox to be an alternative to Netflix, their selection is terrible, I think for most everyone, but more so for what I normally watch. For me the medium doesn't matter, the actual show or movie does. What would it cost you to watch what you want to watch if you were not using Netflix? That is the question especially in the HD you may want(I don't care about HD myself). Not trying to stick up for Netflix, the answer will often not be them, and even for me it might be at least all the time.
Marcus, I think we all need to rethink brick/mortar stores. The few BB stores open will do a little better. To late for new stores to open I guess. If not for Netflix, many would still be around. I think DVD's are going to be needed for a while because of the studios wanting a premium for first run streaming. They are getting a new life as the studios raise prices or hold back on the streaming. It is not all Neflix's fault, but it doesn't really matter. It is about the cost of entertainment compared to the value.
Shaon, it is $2.50 a viewing if you watch at least 1 a week, you may be able to get 2 out of them bringing a rental to less. Still good deal when you can get HBO, and Showtime shows with two or three episodes. That is how I watched Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy too. Streaming any of them is normally much more expensive. We were spoiled by Netflix to a degree. Not anymore, but we do need to put everything in perspective. The thing is Netflix used to be a no brainer. Now the other choices might be better. Other companies may see an opening to offer other options too. I think I will cancel Netflix altogether in the fall.
One thing this does is it segregates the revenue stream so that the studios can't include the DVD revenue when they salivate at the profits Netflix is making and decide how much of a piece they want. I think because of the way studios are acting, DVD's are not going to go away for awhile. Streaming does not replace the local video store, the movies are not first run. In order to do that you need DVDs or you are going to pay a streaming premium from places like Amazon. Agreed each segment has worthy competitors, and depending on your usage, it may be better to go elsewhere. Netflix does lose what was awesome advantage. I think DVD and streaming go together though, linking streaming with DVDs lowers the amount of DVDs people would use. This lowers Netflix DVD costs. I will probably look around, switch back and forth between streaming and DVD options, there might be other companies to go to, and during the TV season, I may just use my antenna and free Hulu. I liked Netflxi for its HBO, Showtime and AMC type shows, plus I streamed great shows that I had missed. I haven't watched a movie in a while, but may use Redbox on occasion now during a period where I am not using Netflix at all. I don't know. All I know is my brand loyalty to Netflix is diminished.
I was able to rent new releases through Netflix and have them mailed to me for $17.99 a month. Now they don't have to mail them. There needs to be some sort of rationing because the process of mailing did it for them, but there is no reason a system can't be developed that even raises their profits.
Useless info without BR. IF anyone was going to buy DVD's wouldn't they want the new technology? And the industyr is making money off of streaming, the costs are lower too. The margins should be great. This puts many in a catch-22. They don't think the added BR cost is worth it, and don't want to buy older tech either. They decide to stream, or rent for Redbox or even get disks from Netflix. The industry seems to be dissuading people from purchasing. Now it appears the only purchasers are parents for the kids, and the niche market for the BR.
Once Hi Def is the standard, won't prices be the same as regular DVD's now? I know the manufacturing costs are a little higher, but the pricing seems mostly marketing driven. I am happy with regular DVD quality and won't pay a premium. It would add little to my enjoyment. I think the optimal price point was found and they will maximize profits by not having a premium?
One question I have is, what is the real definition of throttling? Newsweek says it is "delaying the shipment of in-demand titles to heavy renters". I thought it was delaying shipment of ANYTHING to heavy renters. I see both BB and Netflix allocate new releases to lighter renters. I see only Netflix as slowing the shipment of anything. With BB I was always going to get SOMETHING. With NETFLIX I could wait a few days to get anything. Except I just rejoined so I am new- they are quick as a whip! These are two different things and I think we may need a new word!
Corey3rd, I think if you sign up for a plan right away they won't short you. You can then cancel before bill date. There comes a point when after you don't select a new plan that they kind of cancel you. If you select a new plan before then it might not change your billing date and you will be all set. Also, dropping off your last envelope has nothing to do with canceling or billing. You have 10 days after your membership expires. to drop off your last disks. You do not have to have all disks in to cancel.
It is in Blockbusters Terms of Service. I don't think it is in Netflix's. Blockbusters response to my email said it was so that you would have time to send back the disks. This gives you 25 days then, because they give you 10 after membership expires. I think this is clearly paying for 2 weeks you don't get service for. A "gotcha" on their part. The emails told me that I could renew and cancel 1 day before (two separate people, so it is part of their canned response). Why would their customer service advise you on the way to get around a policy? Because of the unique way Blockbuster (or I) did not renew my account due to the new plan switchover, this changed my billing date so that I would have been charged an extra month. My inquries to BB just got canned answers so there was no practical way to followup with them on it. This policy has left a bad taste in my mouth, and will end them costing them more because I am going to be much less apt to go back to them! And if it is their policy to advise a way around it, why have it at all?
My email question to them regarding the halting shipment 15 days before the last month was answered by them that I should just sign up for a new plan and then cancel right before the billing date. The problem is when I tried that(no matter what the service plan) the billing date changed to the next day. I didn't want to sign up for another month. My follow up question was not read by them properly and I received the same canned answer. So the sign up and cancel is part of their official response. I think the fact that they are taking the step of not renewing me has no legal bearing in itself. Our agreement is month to month, we both have the option of not going forward. While I do think they are screwing me by only giving me 2 weeks of service for which I paid a month for, I not going to make a federal case over it. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I will be much slower to go back to them, so where I am concerned it will cost them more because of this. policy. I am a little surprised that this is not commented upon more. Old timer, I think you are over-reacting. They are not providing a plan that you want. Yep, they are screwing up. Quit, let them know why and go on with life. In general both Netflix and Blockbuster do offer good value. They do need to start being up front about some things and stop throttling. By voting with or feet it will happen sometime.
"First the whole "NO late fees" {gimmick}, which was literally only an extra week with a reduced "fee" after that, so they just should've advertised it as such." I never understood the problem anyone had with the no late fee thing. You can be up to a month late with a disk and only have to pay something like $2? They are out tons of potential revenue and you have had a 2-5 day rental for a month. If you are a week late no charge at all! You have to pay a few bucks. Seems like BB loses on that deal, plus everyone else who wanted to rent that movie. If you say they shouldn't have SAID no late fees, well I don't know how else they could have communicated it. We are a society of sound bites. How to you promote something like that? Yes you need to take a few minutes to understand the terms- but the alternatives are having the late fees or once you rent something you keep it as long as you want? For free? Doesn't make sense.
dv3kit, I think they just handled it wrong, they really did seem to go out of their way to confuse us and get us mad. Some people got conflicting email and with me they stopped sending disks two weeks before my month was up(I know it is in the terms of service-now). Singling out some customers just made it worse. They should have know that there were going to be high volume users and how that would effect costs. If they had come up with the 5 exchange limit first off I think we would all be happy with it. I found that I needed to use the exchange much more than I normally would because of the way I was sent(or not sent) disks out of my queue. I am now getting the disks from NF I couldn't get from BB.
BB does seem to be pushing away its high volume users. Overall I am an average user, but this summer rented alot. Now they are pushing me away just when I slow down because I watch regular TV. I guess their computer programs only looks short term. From my experience BB does not throttle. They DO allocate the new releases to low use or new customers. Netflix does this also, but in addition slows down the "reception" or mailings to you of everything. I don't think BB slows down-they, send something out. BB is still overall a little better, because the plans with the 5 exchange limit are 5 more than you get from Netlix, and you don't get throttled, but yes the in store exchange are more important because they may be the only way to get the new releases. The best thing to do is when you get throttled or don't get the new releases from one- switch to the other one for a while- you will be treated very well by the other(for a while). The unlimited pricing model doesn't work, they should come up with a plan that makes high use customers profitable and not second class. Note do those who don't renew: Blockbuster stops shipping disks 15 days before your last month is up!
In his defense, I did mention it first and maybe I shouldn't have. It was just an aside. My main post was on topic. I don't like it when someone with an ax to grind goes off on an unrelated rant, I guess I did do it here. But it is a concern of many people still and if they want to deal with Blockbuster correctly, make it so the in store exchange isn't so important because we know when we are getting our disks and can plan accordingly. So I am not stuck on the weekend without any movies. And if there is a limit let me know, charge me if I go over or let me control how my allotment comes in. It will also keep the churn rate down, I won't have to switch back and forth to get anything or the newer releases. That way I am profitable and happy. Maybe they should test market that!
Yes, I got this last night. I had signed up only a day ago and I am still on the 2 week trial. It made big news on how much it was going to cost them after they lowered it to $16.99. Now a dollar less? I would rather a chance to pay a buck or two more for a no throttle plan. Since that will have the most impact on how long I stay, not $1.
What they did with me is I didn't sign up again, so they stopped sending me movies 2 weeks before my last month was up. No notice or emails informing me. Only after I emailed them did they tell me that it is in their terms that they don't send out the last 2 weeks because they want you to have the time to send them back. It also says they give you 10 days after the subscription ends to do get the last ones in. So you get 25 days for the last rentals! Basically you pay for a month of service, but you only get 2 weeks. Ticked me off, but it is in the terms. They CS told me to sign up for a plan, just cancel it at the very end. This didn't work though, even if I signed up for less DVD's it changed my bill date to the next day. So I almost accidently signed up for another month. Although my queue had 37 things in it most were on some term of wait. So I just gave up. I think Blockbuster overall has better value even with the new plan. They just seemed to go out of their way to tick me off. So for a while at least I will go for Netflix. Because I am new they sent me out all the movies I couldn't get from BB.
Here is an email I got from them after asking to be put on the preferred customer lists and grandfathered .....we considered a number of factors related to online memberships including in-store activity on a given account. We’re giving our most frequent renters like yourself the option of either continuing with limited in-store exchanges at a the same price point or moving to a new plan if you'd like to continue your unlimited exchanges and agree to a higher price point......If you make no changes online or we don't hear from you, please remember that the changes mentioned will take effect on your regular monthly billing date following August 30th, 2007. It seems to say that because changes won't take place until after billing dates of Aug 30th that I have until Sept 20th at the old prices. Since I get billed on the 20th. Since I reduce usage in the fall, the only reason to keep my account(at least at my level) was to stay grandfathered. So I will cancel when it gets raised. Go back to Netflix till I get throttled and then probably get a reduced Blockbuster plan. I think Blockbuster still gives better value, because they do not throttle as bad and you do get the 5. Five in store exchanges would have been considered great only a little over a year ago. I am just a little mad at how they handled it. But is the 5 in store exchanges much different then when they gave the weekly in store coupons?