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Hi all, it is very unfortunate to read some of the comments posted here.All i can say is that, the police should invistigate this case thoroughly.If the guy is guilty , then he should be brought to justice but if it is a lie, then this woman should equally face the consiquences.But she should be very stupid if the story is a lie and she used her real names.
You all should look at the situation in Kenya and think very well. if Biya cares he should do his worst. We are cursed and Cameroonians are the biggest cowards existing in the world. But cowardice has it´s limits and i am very sure we are getting close to that break point. Ones more all those for the amendment should look at Kenya and think twice.
I must confess again and again that you guys really bore the hell out of me with this Southern Cameroon stuff. You can´t even live in harmony with one another. I mean southwest and North west and you are talking of SCNC. Toothless bull dogs. What is your agenda. I know i sound like an old record but this question has never been answered. If you are given the go ahead now from the UN. Where do you start from? By solving the conflicts between us? or by fighting for power? or by finally realising that this is not just about Anglophone and Francophone Cameroonians but an african mentality problem. We are the problem and the solution. We just have to concentrate more on the latter. Those who have eyes and brains should read, understand and start working on a reasonable solution. Educate your kids and your citizens to love their country rather than wanting to leave in luxury. We africans don´t love our continent and we spend our time looking for the faults abroad. We are the problem and the solution. Wake up. United for AFRICA. Thanks
Greetings to you all "fellow Cameroonians", i have a different approach to this issue. I am certain that Mr Modi was just trying to air his fustration at the dictatorship of the CPDM. The question here is why didn´t he take the right chanel of presenting his candidature before time? Very easy to answer. He was wasn´t seriously vying for that post. He just wanted to pass a message of distontentment. He would have been warned and threathened if he had ventured to present his candidature before. He certainly has nothing to lose. I think he succeeded in creating the chaos and giving others the courage to stand against the dictators. Secondly , i find it just boring to keep on reading this same nonsence everytime. It is really funny that the Rexon´s, Tayong´s, and the others woldn´t miss any opportunity to express their hatred for te SDF and NJF. The worst part of it all is, they never have anything better to offer other than distructive criticism. you guys are simply boring. Tell us your plan for a better Cameroon or better still a better Southern cameroon. Hahahhahahaaa. You amuse me people. Are you not tired and ashamed of writing thesame things time and again. But i must praise one person here and that is rexon. I have realised that you no longer post one and thesame thing as was the case before. good you have understood that the way to success is not just critisizing put proposing a better plan. Tayong please learn same and stop embarassing yourself here. Thanks and love live the united republic of Cameroon
Greetings to my fellow Cameroonians. I am very pleased by Ni John´s message here. He is unlike the Southern Cameroonians here who have been advocating for secession but have unfortunately never presented a plan of action. They have never said how they intend to divide C from the set of A, B and C whereas C is made up of c1 and c2 who are to 70 % against division and worse still are at logger heads. John Fru spoke very boldly this time around siting names and standing firm to his since 1990 world wide most successful system of Governance, Federal system of government. Ni John cannot change Cameroon on his own and neither can he count on the foreign countries for they love Biya´s regime because it enables them maintain our poor and corrupt standards and poor health so we could always be dependent on them. Just notice all those for the division in here, when some one brings up a very powerful write up like that of 7512wilson full of facts, they shy away and turn their focus on something else. What a pity. Is this the way we want to change Cameroon. Our destiny lies in our hands. Very sad that Biya has almost succeeded in making cameroonians rejoice because they got food to eat. What about modern technology, good health systems, Good sporting infrastructures, quality education? Why do degree holders have to suffer in the streets of America and Europe while lazy ones enjoy their hard work back at home? Let´s get up. Ni John Fru Ndi is just a political leader who has ameloriated the lifes of many hopeless Cameroonians. Join him in fighting for your rights. Despite all the sabotage he remains the number 1 political opposition leader in Cameroon.We have clearly seen how traitors like Bello Buba and the rest failed us. If he really was that bad , he wouldn´t have been at the helm of this party till date. Wake up fellow Cameroonians. Concerning the football match against Japan, i just feel that the poor performance is owed to many aspects. Long flights , no preparation, poor management and most importantly very wrong timing for all those boys have to play for their clubs this week end. Who wants to risk his carrear playing a friendly game for a country which doesn´t care about him? I wouldn´t. The J-League is at it´s 22nd day of play whereas most of our boys are still thinking of which club they would play for. In any case it was just a friendly game. Long live the UNITED replublic of Cameroon.
Greetings to all my cameroonian brothers and sisters in the forum. It is with shock and sadness that i read some of the comments on this forum especially those from the SCNC folks.Certainly all others and I are tired of reading your lengthy posts with no substance. Lets look at this problem like intellectuals. I used to respect all your opinions but you are unfotunately forcing me to believe you are of the CPDM or are simply from somewhere else. Please let me make it easy for all readers in this forum to know you have no agenda and are very distructive to the progress of Cameroon. Please just give us answers to the following questions and we might better understand your position. 1) How do you intend to gain independence from the La Republic while the CPDM has close to 100% victory in the South west province? 2) Who would be part of the Southern Cameroonian nation when southwesterners call Northwesteners settlers and are at logger heads? 3)What would have happened if the SDF did not boycott the Legislative elections of 1996? If boycotting really the best solution. 4)Why is it so difficult for you guys to table out a plan of action? Fru Ndi proposed Federalism as his main tool for faster development. 5) Would you promise to us that you would never post any thrash here again if you don´t have answers to this simple questions. if you give me concrete answers that could yield fruit in the nearest future, then i would happily join the SCNC and I am sure others will equally join. So this is your chance to convince mayn to join you. Don´t blow it. It could equally be your chance to lose some. Thanks
My dear people, here i come again.But this time around i would like to speak in simple language and avoid statistics everyone knows. How do you identify a confused person or say a person with no Agenda in a forum like this one? The answer is clear. By noticing the ammont of times he posts at a given interval and the repeatition in his posts.Defending a point brought up by someone doesn´t fall under this catigory. There is still one thing i am expecting to read from all of you strongly behind the SCNC and that is : What is your plan? How do you plan to gain this independence? Don´t pour any thrash here if you can´t answer these questions. let me tell you why Biya has succeeded. He doesn´t need to rig elections because he has alredy succeeded in white washing your brains and keeping you away from voting.As i earlier said in one of my posts on a different topic. You might have the right ideas but so long as your implementation is wrong, you would always be wrong. George Bush does not necessarily have bad ideas but his way of implementing his solutions is definitely not the best. We all agree that our country definitely needs change. But the question is which is the better or say best solution? Secession is definitely not the best because it is simply too complex and there are many things at stake: human life, chaos, and just to name a few. I give you the first task: unite the Northwesterners and southwesteners then you can start thinking of the second step. On the other hand if we acted intelligently and surprised the CPDM by coming out massively like in 1990 and voting, we would leave atleast an impact. Cameroon without the SDF and Cameroon with the SDF is not thesame country. You supporting the SCNC, you actually have brilliant ideas but your method of implementation is not realistic. You can´t divide cameroon because you don´t even make up 500,000 of the 18 million Cameroonians. Put up your thinking hats and lets make a change. It is now. i hope it is not too late.
I am very pleased with the fact that most of the normal thinking Cameroonians in the forum have realised that the detractors hiding under the umbrella of the SCNC have no Agenda, plan of action or any solution.Their only goal is to retard and eventually hinder progress. But I am proud of the maturity we have used to answer them:IGNORE THEM. They would get tired of posting thrash and may come to reason. Ones more i congratulate all those who are fighting for a better very united Cameroon.Lets go out and vote massively for change,for our children and future generation.One thing is clear, Biya can´t rule forever and change will come.Division is not an option and would never be. Thanks
Hi there fellow cameroonians. I hope everyone has come to the conclusion that these dreamers strongly behind the SCNC have absolutely no agenda.They simply can´t present a plan of action. It´s a pity. Please stop waisting our time posting thesame thrash. You were given a simple task: Present your plan of action or solution to our problems. All you do is critisize. What a shame. It´s very disappointing. Do you really expect to gain new followers? If yes then you are jokes. Ha ha ha ha. You make me laugh. You want an Independent Southern Cameroons: how do you do to get it? Definitely not by insulting prospective followers but by convincing them with a plan. Please you all need rest. Just get busy and stop dreaming.
Sorry for a couple of typing errors in my post above. Next time i would preview before posting.Thanks
I am very pleased about the fact that there are still some people who reason with realisms like Tombele. It is really sad that the likes of Rexon, TAGRO and the other dreamers having time without number for the past years preached , critisized and insulted others and constructive ideas in this forum and have never (even ones) proposed a plan of action on how they and their southern Cameroons can succeed in their untabled plan. John Fru Ndi is a man who has brought great change to this country. If not of the narrow mindedness and egoistic nature of Cameroonians, we would have been long gone up the ladder of development and prosperity. Biya after losing the elections in the early 90´s realised he was losing grip and needed to take drastic measures. SOhe started the devide and rule policy. Bribing his way through and using the state´s money for his party´s needs. Have a look of people like Odon Dong who embazzled more than 30million dollars and there are many more. Who cares???? Rexon and the others who are strongly behind the southern Cameroons, tell us your concrete plan of action now. YOu can´t even gather 1000 supporters and you think you can change a country? That just tels you that something is wrong with you. Give those your votes to the SDF and let´s together fight for the right course for you apparently have no agenda. G W Bush of the US might not necessarily have bad ideas but ne certainly has a bad approach to the solutions. In the same way, the Southers Cameroons have very brilliant ideas but definitely have a bad approach to the problem and consequently a bad approach and the explains why your leaders spend their lifes in jails around the country instead of building up successful agenda. My brothers, you can´t devide Cameroon not matter how had you work cos you got no agenda, no plan , no solution , no supporters and no future. We are speaking thesame language but with different tonations. Wake up my peope!!! Wake up!!! the time is limitted. Lets fight for our rights, our riches, our existence and our country. God bless the United Republic of Cameroon.
I strongly propose that the webmaster of this forum should make it impossible for one person to post more than 3 times on thesame issue. You people make this forum boring with personal attacks and childish posts. We are here to share ideas dealing with thread in question and not showering insults on one another. The posts get too long and one easily loses focus. I propose that you create a free yahoo group where you can meet and insult each other. I strongly believe that he who post more than 3 times , has a personal score to settle. I try to be logical and that´s why i proposed 3 times and not one. Thanks
What nonsence!!! This Muna is a joke. Power hungry and stupid. He should think of what happenened to Adamou Ndam Njoya and his manipulated coaliton in the last elections. Fru ndi beat him hands down. Even in his own village.Muna will face exactly that. The worst post i have read here is that were some one is discouraging people from registering to vote.Those are exactly the kind of people sent by La Republic to come here and corrupt the minds of positive thinking cameroonians. Secondly, this Rexon of a guy and all others supporting the division of Cameroon are just fighting a battle which is already lost from the start. Cameroon will never be devided. Rexon get this into your seperative brain. I call for all Cameroonians to go out there and register massivley and make a change. Even if the elections a rigged it will set up and alarm.
I am 100% in support of an amendment. The presidential tenure should be reduced to 4 years and an additional 4 upon victory in Democratic elections. If you can´t change a country in 20 years , then you certainly wouldn´t in 100. It is just sick to think of letting Biya rule for another 11 years. Just take a look at Zimbabwe,Congo,Côte D´Ivoire......... Are we africans just stupid or are we cursed? I don´t know. We should be thankful to ourselves for being such a peaceful nation for we have all reasons to embark on violence. Let Biya go for another mandate and he would truely know who was responsible for the peace in this nation, a nation pushed to the wall or he. Thanks
There are approximately 97 posts here and 3/4 of them are personal attacks and nothing constructive. This is exactly what some of you are here for, To derail all those who want to build a better Cameroon. Exactly what Biya has succeeded in doing in the past years. Wake up. We have eyes but we can´t see. DIVISION IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!!. A Southern Cameroon nation sounds good to the ears but think for a second....... Bali Nyongha killing and burning the houses of their fellow "Southern Cameroonina brothers",the Bawocks, Southwesteners calling their Northwest brothers settlers and driving them away, Chief Endeley saying the French are our real friends, citizens(Southern) abusing the only real opposition leader fighting for their rights and i can continue listing. Is this the Southern Cameroon you want to build? Stop dreaming . Get up and start thinking of how to build the United Republic of Cameroon.
Hi all, i read somewhere on the net that they were trying to amend the constitution to permit the president to rule for life. How far is this true. For those of you back home, are you feeling any talk of the such? It would naturally be a declaration of a civil war. I hope it is not true. What do you guys think?
Hi Mr or Mrs Rexon,it is not my style to attack people this way but don´t you realise that you are boring? You have posted close to 9 times on this same thread. I muss confess that your postings are not directly constructive. We are here to share ideas and help build our beloved country but i have realised that you mostly write about people and therefore bring about a mixture of the constructive contributions people bring up here and the rubbish you write. A stitch in time saves 9. Thanks for reading.
I am very happy there are still a few people here who are reasonable. Paul Biya´s greatest success since rigging the presidential elections he lost to Fru Ndi in early 90´s is the fact that he has succeeded in dividing the opposition. He has succeeded in inplanting this negative chip in Cameroonians like Rexon and the rest. Fru Ndi has clearly outlisted problems, and has proposed solutions to them(Which is exactly the way modern people should act), but some of those uninspired people here in this forum just lazy around and come and show how stupid and unconstructive they are by pouring insults on him. You keep on diverting the topic here with this issue of Southern Cameroons. You truely might have a point put this can´t bring us forward now. The way forward is to find solutions and ideas on how to enable cameroonians live together and not live asunder. You can now realise that many french- spreaking cameroonian parents send their kids to Englsih- speaking Secondary schools and the University of Buea. This is just the beginning, for language is the greatest binding factor in a community. I encourage each and everyone of us to get up and register for the elections. Let´s put heads together with our francophone brothers and try to uproot this regime which doesn´t care for it´s people. Stop fighting against each other, rather fight against the enemy. Division is not an option at this point in time. I study in Germany and immidiately after my studies, if all goes well i would be back home to join in the fight. I am already doing a great deal of the fight from here. Details are not necessary at this point in time. Long live the federalrepublic of Cameroon. Long live the wind of Change.
Sorry for Cameroon!!. Locate your photos here
If i am not lost here, this murderer was bailed on reasons of poor health. Now that he is well what is he still fooling around instead of gaining his place where people like him belong(Behind bars). In any case it doesn´t surprise me and i don´t think it surprises you reading this. Murderers and thieves from the CPDM always stroll around freely till when they dare contest the CPDM. God help us.
Did i miss a pargraph or did Mr Biya not just find it important to mention the number one disease which is wiping out all our youths of today? HIV/AIDS. Or is this not an important issue? This fellow has being saying tesame thing for years now and has done nothing till today. He should just go away. Crininal!!!!!
It is rather unfortunate that an inocent man should die this way. I see it like just simple revenge. I strongly feel that this has to do with the disorder and death of students at the university and the jungle which has been created by La Republique. I am in no way justifying the perpetrators.there is no excuse for killing or commiting any other crime. But i just feel that the truth is: When you creat a jungle then you should be ready to see people behaving like wld animals in that jungle. What happened to those who killed the UB students? We need order nd justice. The lord is against La Republique. May the soul of this creat intellectual rest in peace.May God protect his family.
What else can you expect from such a careless regime? Nothing good!!! We are doomed. Only God can save us. But believe me, all what goes up on earth will certainly come down. Look at Milosevic, Mumbutu, Saddam Hussein, Castro, Arafat,Kabila Sr.,Sharon, and the list is long. This people just end up like chickens in our mothers pots.I love my country Cameroon and believe me one day we shall be a great Nation.We need just one right man and the ball with get rolling.
Hallo all.Judging from the ammount of postings here just under 48 hours shows that this system works very well.Praises to the Postnewsline. Then coming to the fact of faking identities, there is no way you can persuade everyone using this forum to behave maturely and rightly. So let them be. Experience has shown than a greater percentage of those who indulge in such practices never write sense. So we can just ignore them. Once more, praises to the Post. Even if it is just 1 person fished out, it is still an achievement worth mentioning.