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Jan 18, 2010
Here's my "2 cents" for what it's worth: D-Backs - I'll be honest, you all say the Diamondbacks got the short end of the stick, but honestly, I think they didn't. Edwin Jackson is a fantastic starter, and Ian Ian Kennedy. Tigers - Whew, I understand Granderson is a "big name", but damn did we use our "Get of of Jail Free" card by giving Austin Jackson up. Along with Phil Coke, whom I personally liked, along with Max, and a couple of relievers. I say, they have a good deal, in quantity, but you've got to also factor in the "Risk" percentage about these players. Yankees - As a Yankees fan, I must say, I like this trade, but cringe at some aspects. I love Granderson, a force at our Stadium, pretty much switched around to be a force...for us! Not against us anymore. I dislike the number of players given, but hey, it's not the end of the world. Doesn't really scratch then surface of trouble, except for Coke and Austin. Now Melky is "expendable" as MLBTR put, and it's true--which is unfortunate. I like Melky. Young, solid player, who is a balanced athlete, especially with a stick in his hand. I'd really hate to see him go. Good trade overall, for all teams. ~ Frankie
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Dec 8, 2009