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By Jonathan D. Williams Although there has been much publicity of the early rollout of the health care exchanges for purchase of individual health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA, a.k.a. “Obamacare”), a key part of the overall... Continue reading
A new study has been published about how the brain cleans itself of waste products. The brain, like every other body organ, produces waste products. Among those waste products is a protein called amyloid-beta, which is a key component in... Continue reading
Last month, the Federal Government issued new guidelines aimed to help banks understand how to report suspected financial elder abuse without violating privacy laws. It was co-authored by eight federal agencies, including the FTC, SEC, FDIC, and the new Consumer... Continue reading
We hear and speak so often of the burdens of caregiving. We speak of the strain it places on the caregiver. A new study finds that caregiving may help people actually live longer. This article from NPR summarizes the study’s... Continue reading
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has established the Wendy Klag Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, a new center wholly dedicated to addressing the public health challenges presented by autism and developmental disabilities. The center was founded... Continue reading
Elder law attorneys in North Carolina live day-to-day with the expectation that the state may soon change the laws that govern asset preservation planning. Specifically, Elder Law attorneys anticipate that new Medicaid rules will displace the current rules, and will... Continue reading
Most parents of students in special education programs have lived with cut-backs in special education funding over the last several years. Their reality was confirmed in a recent report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Shaun Heasley, writing... Continue reading
Parents Should Re-think Protection for Their Children with Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy and Other Disorders The uproar over any kind of preventive shots, primarily vaccines, being linked to developmental disabilities has gone on for many years. For example, look at... Continue reading
A few years ago, a study was published that found that square dancing helped prolong memory loss. Don’t be Square – Dance!! Do-Si-Do Fitness. My mother, Catherine O’Steen, currently 90 years young, is the best example I know. She’s been... Continue reading
Recently I've shared with you how many of my elder abuse and exploitation cases were the basis for the fiction novel, The Crown of Life Society (epublished through Amazon, Smashwords and other platform–-go to We included an appendix for... Continue reading
The disabilities community is on notice that The U.S. Department of Education has heard their demands to do away with a rule that allows states to count some students with disabilities as academically proficient even if they do not meet... Continue reading
We are pleased to read that fewer elders will be able to benefit from reverse mortgages when tighter Federal Housing Administration (FHA) rules go into effect, some as soon as October 1st. This is happening because of the high default... Continue reading
Elder Scams and Abuse in my new ebook The Crown of Life Society Elder abuse and exploitation has become the hidden epidemic. That's why I co-authored with Bill Henry the facts of many of my cases in a fiction novel... Continue reading
As most Medicaid recipients know, at the end of that recipient's life, Medicaid will be allowed to recover against their estate in repayment for Medicaid's expenditures on their care. Medicaid is also allowed to demand reimbursement when a Medicaid recipient... Continue reading
The Education Department has recently issued new rules that make it easier for borrowers who become disabled to have their federal student loans forgiven. Though the department has not yet published its rules, it is clear that federal law entitles... Continue reading
If you are a veteran or a surviving spouse of a veteran who has served at least 90 days active duty, with at least one day served during a time of war, you may be eligible for veterans benefits to... Continue reading
On January 16, 2013, pooled trust administrators, attorneys, and other advocates for individuals with special needs from across the nation met with Social Security Administration (“SSA”) officials to discuss the recent changes to the POMS- the Procedures and Operations Manual... Continue reading
Many children who step into caregiving roles for their senior parents experience the strange relationship reversal that they are now giving the kind of care they used to receive from their parents. A recent New York Times blog explored this... Continue reading
All estate plans should include advance directives, but more important than the documents you sign are the conversations you have with your closest family members and your medical providers about the kind of care you would like (or not like)... Continue reading
Most people seeking residence at a nursing home do so because they can no longer live at home on their own and need skilled nursing care immediately. Typically, people don’t start looking for nursing homes until something happens that makes... Continue reading
A recent New York Times article explains how technology is being used to ensure the safety of elderly individuals who live alone at home. Technologies like “eNeighbor,” a system of sensors that are placed all over the home, are used... Continue reading
The rules regarding Medicaid and other government assistance programs available to aging seniors change every year. The fear that these programs will change dramatically, or cease to exist altogether, grows daily. Many aging Boomers are investing in Long Term Care... Continue reading
By Jonathan D. Williams, JD There is good news for Medicare recipients in need of costly skilled nursing care following a health crisis. Medicare currently covers skilled nursing care following certain health care crises for up to 100 days. However,... Continue reading
Last week, Booth Harrington & Johns attorneys Kristy S. Andraos and Jonathan D. Williams held their second class in a series on hot topics in Elder Law. The series, “Elder Law 101,” covers everything from Guardianship, Advance Directives, Asset Preservation... Continue reading
As uncomfortable as it may feel, creating or updating Wills, Health Care Powers of Attorney (HCPoA) and Durable Powers of Attorney (DPoA) may be one of the most important things people can do. Often, people are afraid of making the... Continue reading