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Franklin Goose
Richmond, VA
Natural & organic products for your family
Interests: parenting, family, cloth diapering, babies, toddlers, baby gear, baby wearing
Recent Activity
Earlier this week we had a customer asking about resolving issues like mildew in cloth diapers. Thirsties brilliantly addressed the mildew issue, and we made a handout from their information that we give our customers on just such occasions. So how do you get mildew on your cloth diapers? When... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(emily) Looking for an Easter idea? This year I’m giving the special little one in my life this beautiful picture book! Rabbityness by Jo Empson is about Rabbit who enjoys doing un-rabbity things! It’s a great book that not only celebrates individuality but also creativity! It’s a little sad, but... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(sheri) Last week our family was visiting and we were spoiled with amazing smoothies everyday (our granddaughters mom owns an organic juice and smoothie bar). It was so wonderful for me to talk with her about the importance of organic food, probiotics, super foods etc. She is so commited to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2014 at Franklin Goose
Gratitiude can present itself in so many ways. I always prided myself on expressing gratitude to strangers, for excellent customer service, etc. But in the last couple of years I feel I have become “too busy” to notice or certainly to think about all that I have for which to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(sheri) Two weeks ago I achieved my certification as a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). I was so excited to become a technician! I knew I would be glad to get certified, but I had no idea how good I would feel about being able to help people install their... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(emily) Happy International Women's Day! March 8 is observed by many countries around the world as a day to honor women and to focus on the advancement of women in society. Each year a theme is assigned to Women's Day, and this year the theme is "inspiring change." While the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 8, 2014 at Franklin Goose
One thing I forget as most mothers do is to steal a few minutes to take care of myself. I tend to be the type of person who puts myself last and find that a year or years go by and I haven’t had much time when I wasn’t either... Continue reading
Posted Mar 6, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(sheri) When I was growing up my friends were mostly boys. The older I got the fewer girl friends I had. I found boys to be less gossiping, more accepting and they didn't form cliques like girls did. Boys didn't get caught up in all the things girls did. I... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(sheri) A few weeks ago we hosted a baby shower event. It is one of our favorite things to do at Franklin Goose! This year we had a HUGE waiting list and were so sad we couldn't have everyone attend. Then, we had to postpone due to snow in Richmond.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2014 at Franklin Goose
Call us crazy but my husband and I have undertaken a new project in our house. Last summer we sold our home and moved across town into a larger home. It was very hard to leave. We had custom designed our nursery and spent 3 months painting murals on the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 20, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(emily) Here's to daydreams of the sea! Sail Away by frankiegoose featuring a navy blue romper Rileyroos Chessie in Chocolate ERGObaby Original Sea Skipper Baby Carrier The Honest Co Sunscreen Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack in Classically Crete Barefoot Books Secret Seahorse by Stella Blackstone and Clare Beaton Planet Wise... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2014 at Franklin Goose
Do you follow us on instagram? If not, now would be the time to start. We have a great giveaway with Wean Green that ends Thursday, February 13th at 6:00 pm est. Follow us and tag a friend to enter! We love the tempered glass containers from Wean Green for... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2014 at Franklin Goose
Looking for a healthy Valentine’s treat you can serve your sweetheart, family, and friends? Try this delicious berry pudding from our friends at Inhabitots. It’s sweet, pink, and vegan, so you can have it as a festive dessert or as a snack. Or even as breakfast! What You’ll Need: 1... Continue reading
Posted Feb 10, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(sheri) After moving the baby shower event twice because of snow we are FINALLY going to be able to host our baby shower! We will have photos of the event to share with you later but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of our inspiration and some of... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(sheri) I made the decision last week to move our car seat display. For those of you who have been in the store you will understand why. The space is getting too crowded and is difficult to learn and shop. Our car seat offering is growing like crazy as is... Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2014 at Franklin Goose
Why limit just one day to celebrating love with your family? Here’s a fun activity you can do with your kids in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. What You’ll Need: A box Craft paper Scissors Glue Drawing utensils Find boxes to use for your mailboxes. Any type of box... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2014 at Franklin Goose
From a house in the hills blog This morning I am all curled up in my bamboo daydream blanket, lying on my couch drinking a latte and getting completely lost in the food seciton of this blog. The recipes are so inspiring. They are all super healthy and easy to... Continue reading
Reblogged Feb 2, 2014 at Franklin Goose
Knowledge is such a double edged sword. I love to research. I did it all from pregnancy, breastfeeding and birth to baby gear, clothing, paints etc. I research or seek out information about food and chemicals, and our environment. Basically I never rely on my government or manufacturers to “take... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(emily) What do you do when your child tells you that they're afraid of a monster under their bed? Or that there's something hiding in the corner of their room? Just as each child is unique, so is each fear, yet one common factor for everyone, even adults, is that... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(sheri) About a week ago we went geocaching with my niece, nephew, sister and brother-in-law. We had never been before and had no idea how much fun it could be. It was a beautiful winter day, and our little Belle Island was packed with people and rain puddles (which was... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2014 at Franklin Goose
Due to inclement weather last week, the bi-annual Franklin Goose Baby Shower event has been postponed to January 29. This event is currently full. UPDATE: Once more due to Virginia's snowy weather, this event has been postponed to Wednesday, February 5. We wanted to extend a big Franklin Goose thank... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(sheri) About a month ago one of our staff members came to me and told me she had tried a new diaper we HAD to carry. I was overwhelmed, because it was the Christmas season so I told her we would someday and thanks so much for the recommendation. So,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(kathryn) One thing I have to remind myself of as a Mother is to stop and smell the roses. To enjoy the little moments when they occur. I get so caught up in getting where we need to go and daily chores that I often don’t let myself enjoy motherhood.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2014 at Franklin Goose
Ladies, you are cordially invited to our bi-annual baby shower event on Wednesday, January 22. It's going to be so much fun! We'll have games and giveaways, plus food! We'll also have discussions on parenting and motherhood, and on what baby items you actually need. We will also be featuring... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2014 at Franklin Goose
(kathryn) As the newest member of the Franklin Goose team I have decided to write a post each week about parenthood from my perspective. Nothing revolutionary just a peak into the life and thoughts of a mother with 2 kids, ages 4 and 2. Maybe some tips and tricks, hopefully... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2014 at Franklin Goose