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Frank Mutteater
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Hmmm...I have taken the view that quranimals are unfit for life in Western Civilization. But I wouldn't joke about killing either them or the libs who indulge those savages. Caution: Some States enforce Threat to Murder laws based on mere subjective claims of fears of bodily harm or death. Ergo: the enemy merely has to accuse. They will gladly force flotation of the I-was-only-joking-defense for a crippling length of time. Ask Pam Geller if the enemy uses law for their advantage. Without Pro Bono legal work, she could be in personal and financial ruin. John: are you going to persist in this? You need to better understand the West-east salient. As for lgf, I saved hundreds of pages from 2002-4 where CJ trumpeted against any type of paleo-politics. Every Friday, cj posted Memri content of speeches from the arab-murder-cult's depraved clerics. Now he witchhunts anyone who subjects his former targets to scrutiny. Further, his material is 100% derivative. He can't spend more than 20 minutes a day on his lame posts.
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Jul 10, 2011