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Serious engagement with Habermas would require Shirky to grapple with the concept of the systemic colonization of the lifeworld--a phenomenon he seems far more likely to exemplify than to critically examine.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2013 on Wikibollocks: The Shirky Rules at Whimsley
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Oh, here's Silver's piece on Voter ID law modeling:
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Silver's take on the effect of Voter ID laws was Pollyanna-ish to me, and even he admits that "Both of these estimates [of accounting for these laws] are crude — I am open to looking into more robust means of estimating these effects, in case any of you have ideas." When I see a serious reckoning with the effect of vote suppression in Florida, PA, and other states, I'll pay attention to forecasts like this.
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Thanks to both you and Steve Shiffrin for mentioning my post. I want to enter this conversation in a bit...I am reworking that "Virtues of Resistance" post into a more accessible form. I am a big fan of Connolly, though I'd say I'm ultimately more a Charles Taylor "attunement" fan. (As I recall, Connolly rejected both political theories of "mastery" and "attunement" in Identity/Difference...but I read it nearly 20 years ago, so I may be misremembering (creatively misreading?) that.) Connolly's letter to St. Augustine in I/D is also quite something. I look forward to reading the speech you linked to.
Fascinating reflection on the value of value-laden social science.
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Oct 9, 2011