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@Pamela "Merkel deals head on with the moral and intellectual rot that passes fo sophisticated discourse in Germany, the battles of the past will not lie and the alliance will not be restored" The socalled west was a result of the cold war and of commen enemies in the east. Now this cold war is over and as always in history a new time begins and new alliances. Europe and especially germany can now disagree with the US because we don´t need the US anymore ( beside the fact that the US is a huge market). That was simply not possible in the old times. The same is true for the US there are other regions that are more important to the US in the future. There will be no alliance in the future as we had it in the past. The NATO is dead and it is just a question of time when the US or a common EU army will end this project that has no function and no purpuse anymore. Until that day we will hear less and less of that organisation as we did in the last years. It is not the question of a socialist or conservative german government or a republican or democratic american government. "moral and intellectual rot" i am sure you can find a lot of german newspapers saying hte same about the present situation in the US. It just shows that it is time to say good bye to the former partnership and say hello to the new order where we agree on a lot of things but also disagree on perhabs even more things. Where the EU is the main focus for germany and where perhabs russia becomes more important to germany than the US because of its resources and other geostrategic reasons.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2006 on Merkel's Washington Awakening at Davids Medienkritik