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For a smidge better mileage and Since a manual trans wasnt available in a Tundra, I kick the auto in neutral when i see a red light and coast just like shifting a manual into neutral. Cause when i lift my foot off the gas that wonderful auto trans starts downshifting like crazy running up the rpms for no reason other than to waste fuel and save the brakes?? These fine trucks are designed to waste fuel imo. In search of a 5.9L cummins with a manual and the world might be right again. Remember the 7.3L ford diesels, when you let your foot off the gas those trucks coasted in neutral. Why, probalby to save some fuel and keep the rpms down for engine longevity. Where is the Progress??? Why can we buy pull the neighborhood mega diesel trucks and not the smaller more fuel efficient trucks like sold in the rest of the world?? Diesel takes a lot less refining, why does it cost more? because the oil industry and mfgs dont want us to get good mileage at all. Just milk us dry ! Have to figure out a way to beat the system. buy a 4 year old truck where the first guy took all the depreciation and the $10-20k you saved will buy a lot of gas. dont buy new until its worth it !!!!
My 1970 GMC Camper Special longbed 2wd (2500) with a 350ci (5.7L) with quadrajunk 4bbl carb that needed a rebuild every two years got 10-15mpg with a 4.10 gear ratio. Fast forward 41 years and a new truck with same size engine and gear ratio struggles to get even 15% better mileage than a 41 yr old truck?? What a Joke !!! Had a 91 Toy X-cab 2wd Manual with v-6 got 21-27 Mpgs. Why is the fuel economy going backwards??? Remember the honda accords and crx's from the 1980s got in the 40s and 50s for mpgs??? All these new trucks are garbage in regard to fuel economy imo. 41 years & your lucky to get 15% better mileage. We should not buy any of this inefficient junk. Then mfgs might wake up and either make more fuel efficient vehicles or how about this, why not sell us the great fuel efficient vehicles (diesels) you sell to the REST of The WOrld ????? How can an engine that gets almost double the mileage (diesels) and same power with almost half the displacement be harmful to the environment??? Its only harmful to the oil industry and mfgs wallets. Im done with this gas junk. Oh and the reason why no one buys manual transmissions is because there are never any to buy. Dodge puts em in thier diesels occassionaly. WAKE UP AMERICA AND DONT LET FRIENDS BUY INEFFICIENT JUNK !!!!!!!
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Mar 17, 2011