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Gavin, I must admit when I first read the term in the tweet stream from TEDx I thought "what a wanky term for Sharing". However, I added the caveat that tweetstreams are often out of context from the topic. Now you have helped add to my knowledge on the topic, I agree it's an interesting idea. The numbers presented in the video look great, but realistically the big actuals are probably small change compared to the entire market, and the growth figures are probably off tiny bases. Worth supporting in order to ensure it is sustainable in the long term, but I'll remain cynical until I see those numbers continue to grow over a period of time - especially after economic recovery. Gavin
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Gavin Sounds like an awesome idea. I can't see how I would travel, but I can see how I will make sure there is a conversation. In addition, I work for a company which proclaims some sustainable values and has Eco-champion groups, of which I am an ambassador. You might have heard of them, they are quite big. I'll see if I can ping some interest in your initiative there Gavin
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May 4, 2010