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OK, so I picked up those Saltwater sandals. Count me as a third endorsement. I have fussy feet, so usually sandals like that have a 90% chance of rubbing blisters on my foot somewhere. Not these. Soft leather, instantly comfortable. I actually walked a mile in them the first day, no problems. And the price! Wore them again today with a chambray dress. Love.
Have been looking for a pair of cute, walkable sandals. This makes 2 votes, so I'm sold! And I'm eternally in search of frizz/humidity defeaters as I'm also in DC. Many come close, and my current fave is by Phyto (see my comment with a link above), but nothing I've tried so far has been 100% humidity proof, despite all product claims to the contrary.
Maryland/DC girl here, too. I also like Phyto's Phytodefrisant ( but on days like today, nothing seems to be able to defeat the poof. I have admitted defeat and gone the (stumpy) ponytail route.
That's the first thing I thought, too! Once you learn the alternate (and not very flattering) meaning of "fanny," you can't un-learn it. The only belt bag I've ever come across that I liked is one I've had forever from Banana Republic. The bag itself is a front flap style, in black. The strap can be belted around the waist or you can wear it as a shoulder bag. I sometimes use it when I travel so I can also have a backpack on.
"When aren't stripes the answer?" Truth!
My 9-year-old is girly in many ways (very long hair, for one), but she lives in what she calls "soft pants." Her daily uniform is a T-shirt + knit pants of some kind. She doesn't care for pink, but we've been able to find lots of options in blue, turquoise, green, purple and so forth at even the mainstream stores like Children's Place. She's also enjoyed "designing" her own things at Fashion Playtes ( You can choose your own garment, color and decoration. Rhinestones optional ;)
1. You look great! I'm sorry the circumstances necessitated it, but I really like that cut on you. 2. I actually like the turtleneck with that dress! But I am a staunch turtleneck defender so take my opinion with a grain of salt, perhaps :) 3. Coinkydink! I have those 2 exact hair products. Having recently gone shorter myself, must smoosh them together in the morning and see what happens ...
We are hair yin and yang! I let my hair grow out a bit and have realized that I just don't like it for precisely the reasons you love your new 'do :) Then again, if I could get my "messy" hair to look like yours, I'd probably feel differently. And something tells me you're going to look insanely chic no matter what you do with your hair. Love the outfit. A creative combination of elements that doesn't look overthought--a high level of difficulty to pull off in an outfit.
I picked up a sweatshirt moto jacket at Gap (coupon!) a couple of years ago and I love love it. It's a hip alternative to my ubiquitous hoodie :)
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2013 on Fall Trend: Moto Jackets at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb rocks a crop top, too: I like the short thing over long thing idea. I've got a slightly cropped sweatshirt from H&M that would be adorb over a white button-down. (Files mental note).
Totally stole your outfit with the blazer as inspiration for today's outfit post!
I am with you on the head scarf thing. For the first 5 minutes, I look all sassy. And then about 45 minutes in, it either starts sliding forward, or sliding back. Maybe it requires a special skull shape? ;) Now I want to go to Goodwill and get some bootcut jeans just so I can crop them!
Yes! It's the best kind of therapy. That, and a hot shower :)
Yay, for leaving the house! Looks like an especially fun outing, too. After my first surgery, I had the genius idea that I was somehow going to use the medical leave time to get some things done. 30 minutes into a mall excursion I realized just how ridiculous that plan was. You just get ... so ... tired ... The first time you can finally take a shower feels like heaven, doesn't it? Take your time with recovery. There are no deadlines :)
You are all adorable! I have to buy my denim shorts pre-cut-off because whenever I try to do it myself I can never get the legs even. Sigh.
Best wishes for a safe procedure and a speedy recovery. Take big doses of boy hugs, the best mama medicine there is.
Ha, I can never get my cut-offs even, either! And I love the idea of a softly structured peplum. I wouldn't have thought of those shirts as being peplum, but that silhouette works better for me than the stiffer versions. Need to get!
I'm lucky; I work at a creative agency so the dress code is verry flexible. (OK, it's pretty much nonexistent.) I totally wear shorts to work. I love the blazer idea, but usually by the time it's warm enough here to wear shorts, I'm not so keen on wearing a heavier garment on top. This makes me want to carry one in and put it on at the office!
On the flip side, that probably means you can rock a shorter short than most of us!
Absolutely! It's the long-legged lasses of the world who have it easiest when it comes to wearing cropped pants of any length. Play around with where they hit you on the leg; you should be able to see what works and what doesn't.
Sending you strength and luck and courage and laughter (especially laughter; it will be hidden but it will be there). My mom was diagnosed with DCIS in 2006. She had a single mastectomy as it was limited to one side. That was followed by 5 years of Tamoxifen. She celebrated 7 years of being cancer free in May. Keep posting and keep us posted.
Love me some cute sneakers! I linked up to a post with my new favorite Pumas. My most recent acquisitions are a pair of Dr. Scholl's, if you can believe, though I don't have a pic with them on yet. (
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2013 on How We Wear It: Sneakers at Ain't No Mom Jeans
We're going to Florida for spring break in 11 days (but who's counting?) and warm balmy days cannot come soon enough. This past weekend's weather here in DC was a lovely sneak peek.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2013 on Fresh Ways To Wear Tall Boots at Ain't No Mom Jeans
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