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Frau Farbissina
Dr. Evil's Lair (Current)
Once you've had Nazi, you never go back. Achtung. Baby.
Interests: GOP politics. LIES!! ALL LIES!!!
Recent Activity
And I have to say, I LOVE Jesus man's makeover.
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2012 on Brace Yourselves at Monica Crowley
And I second! Vould be goot to see Frau Crowley reveal her inner liberal at last, vould it not? Austin Powers IV. Coming soon to a theater near you 2013.
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2012 on Brace Yourselves at Monica Crowley
"I like Palin, Perry, and McCotter" - Ree You are NOT Dr. Evil! HERR DOCTOR!!! VE have un IMPOSTER here on the blog!!!
Looks like Fraw Crowley has gone fishing.... vith DOCTOR EVIL!!!! Mini-me goes all liberal when my son, Scotty Evil, governor of Visconsin, tries to steal more union chocolate. But back to Frau Crowley... who vill SHE hook this fishing trip, I vonder? Probably someone FAMOUS... all over youTUBE!!! Herr Doctor... everything going to plan, eh?
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2011 on Gone Fishin' at Monica Crowley
"Both are equally hideous, like identical twins from hell; only the accent and spelling is different." Gringoman Only you would fail to see that I am your exact reflection; only smarter and with a much more evolved fashion sense. And a great deal more honest about our true motives; destruction of the planet. Jesus Man and I, on the other hand, are exact polar opposites in every vay save intelligence. However, you are BOTH fools. He, because he vill never vin, and you, because you don't recognize your betters.
"that if only taxpayers could vote, the socialists could never get their greasy hands on other people's money." Gringoman You fool. Socialists don't want your money. They want your head severed from your body. The money afterward, distributed equally to all, is icing on the cake.
"Every article? LOL" DJ He said "every article you can find." But no matter. Ve know your agenda. Because it is ours.
"average lifespan to be 47 years. We miss the clarity..." longrifle Ah yes, if the average lifespan was 47 years today, there would only be 3 people left in the Tea Party. (Ex neo-Nazis from Sheboygen.)
Blacks in the KKK, Jewish collaborators in the camps, tea party in trailer parks and vidout jobs who vote GOP. Vat's the difference? They all end up as meals for the hands that feed them. Cattle to the slaughter. Nothing more. Survival of the smartest. Of course it does eventually mean the death of their predators at the hands of the smarter LIBERAL mob. Vich is vy ve lie so much and so desperately.
"How can you tell a jewish soldier, that his family had to be sent to the camps?" Jay The vay they did it then. The exact same vay ve do it today: "But look at the bright side, Pig... you'll be vith them!"
And you say ve're not in charge...
Luckily the Renseheads, as usual, are climbing ALL OVER RON PAUL. SO they'll continually trash Bachman and Romney (no chance) and Perry (slim chance). And our Obama vins. And so do ve!!! Obama has been von of our Nazigop ops FROM DAY VON!!! You think ve stopped at the Jew Lieberman? HA!!! VE NEVER STOP AT THE JEWS.
"He should had been like Bush in terms of courage and determination and move forward with Democratic policies, without any approval from the Repugs." rafemasters-76 If you promise not to tell anyvon, I'll tell you a great big secret: Obama is von of OURS!!!! Yes!!! If ve vin, ve vin. If ve lose, ve vin. Ve ALWAYS vin!!!
"Excellent article by Pat Buchanan:" DJ Hmmm.... I smell a Hillary Clinton write-in campaign coming.
"Cara Mia, it doesn't gall you right down to the moisturizer?" Gringoman Enough to follow Obama vite turban man and move permanently, either to prison or someplace really FOREIGN and far. Like Uranus. Ve vant to destroy America; VE get to destroy America; not you two.
"Looking forward to Princess take on the new comet in GOP Sky: RICK PERRY" Gringoman Hmmm. Ven comet Shoemaker-Levy hit the planet Jupiter it broke apart into tventy-von SEPARATE fragments. Could Jupiter be a Rovian planet aw vell as a Jovian planet? Time vill tell. All in due time.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2011 on The Five---TODAY! at Monica Crowley
Herr Doctor... I think it's time to at least CONSIDER the possibility of freezing the entire operation for a couple of decades again. It is obvious we're headed for another TVELVE YEARS of OBAMA plus veto-proof DEMOCRATIC MAJORITIES in BOTH HOUSES!! Vich will be how they overturn the limitation on the Presidency and have OBAMA MATCH FDR's SIXTEEN YEARS!! And since ve cannot do the obvious (whoever takes Obama's place vill be far more powerful and formidable) I think ve must consider freezing ourselves to fight another decade. Possibly 2060?
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2011 on The Five---TODAY! at Monica Crowley
Frau Crowley... Obama listens. To Jesus man. Not you. Never to you or yours. Wise men keep their enemies closer; not their pretend enemies.
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2011 on Listening Tour, Indeed at Monica Crowley
Well, judging from the vay things are going on this board, Obama's got another TWELVE years!!!! Don't blame US!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2011 on The Fight Continues at Monica Crowley
"To paraphrase JFK, it's better to rise on the tide, so everyone gets to the beach." Juan Yes, yes!!! Keep it up!! Virtucon needs even MORE drowned bodies to feed the furnaces.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2011 on The Fight Continues at Monica Crowley
And please, STOP "helping" my son Scottie Evil, the EVIL governor of Visconsin. Vith YOUR "help", he'll end up back at the lair, sponging off his fasher (dam~n you Goldmember) FA-THER and the henchmen will be forever cleaning up the blood and CHOCOLATE from his battles with Mini-Me! How can ve take over the vorld ven the people of this ugly hateful country keep sending back our governors and rejecting our fembot and membot candidates? Even the antichrist model. Sh~it. Frau Crowley! Quit "HELPING" so much!!
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2011 on The Fight Continues at Monica Crowley
"Or quite likely someone gave her incorrect information." Truther Live ven ve programmed her to think she had a chance in hell at vinning the Presidency against our antichrist membot Perry? Ya, ve did that. Von never gives CORRECT information to a fembot OR membot; you don't know vat they'll do vith it. Like figure out they can't EVER vin!
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2011 on Elvis Has Left the Building at Monica Crowley
Rafemasters_76, OF course our antichrist membot Rick Perry is vearing a hairpiece... ALL Virtucom's robots vear hairpieces, you can't grow hair out of a TITANIUM skull!!! Vy, even the PUBIC hair is... I've said too much.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2011 on Elvis Has Left the Building at Monica Crowley
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on The O'Reilly Factor---TONIGHT! at Monica Crowley
Oh no, Jesus Man is back!! Herr Doctor!! Number Von!!! Get WMA on the phone!! Also CBS, and Rupie, and HGTV, everyone!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on Elvis Has Left the Building at Monica Crowley