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I love the way you have held true to what you know is best for kids as you begin to explore the new standards. The best teachers take a lithe of this, a little of that and a lot of what they know is essential to meet the needs of the individual kids that walk into our door. If only we had this perspective at the top.
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Tony~ I am so glad you graciously accepted Cathy invitation to joint our cyberPD. I I have so missed hearing your voice in our district. CyberPD has allowed us to extend our voices and ears, and I agree with you, I am sure to be a better teacher for it! While your post written so much better, I wrote with the same thoughts-Authenticity in reading! I am so happy you choose education as a career! ~deb
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Tony~ Once again a great post, funny and thought provoking all at the same time. I agree with so many points in your post! I think Donald Grave said it well when he said, "Listening to children is more a deliberate act than a natural one." Listening to a child takes concentration and focus. The classroom is so demanding really listening is a HUGE challenge at times. I need to work on deliberate listening, it's important!
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Jul 13, 2011
Tony~ I too find myself on a wonderful journey as the result of the wonderfully reflective and refined, Cathy (aka, peer pressure). Fortunately, Cathy IS a reflective & refined person so any "peer pressure" from her is MOST welcomed! I am starting this journey with reading blogs; my book arrived late yesterday evening! Your post was so fun to read your voice and personality are evident! I too have been expanding my "tech sense" this year. I am constantly asking myself "How does this tool support what we are doing? How does it make it better?" I can't stand those meetings (and we have all been in them) when someone says, "We need to use the computers, how can we use X here?" Shouldn't the question be "The kids are_____, you know what would help them take their learning further? Insert appropriate tech tool. As you said Tony, I hope we all continue to honor our roots as we push forward!
Tony~ Loved reading your post. I too feel there are many cliche's that could attempt to explain why I teach. But truly, I teach because it is what I do, it's where I can be myself, it's who I am~ 24/7 I am a teacher! Proudly!
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Jun 26, 2011