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It's a little awkward, but I like to speak of Jesus's Passion as it relates to the Passover as the "Pass-thru". Unlike in Egypt, when God passed over the Israelites so that they did not suffer, Jesus passed through the worst that sin and death can do, and came out. Since he did so as a human being, so can we. As for Apocalyptic theology, this reminds me of my favorite prayer in the BCP: "Be present, be present, O Jesus, our great High Priest, as you were present with your disciples, and be know to us in the breaking of bread; who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever. Amen." I pray that with the altar party before every Eucharist. That prayer was first written for the Church of South India. And in their liturgy, it is said by the Priest and congregation before the Sursum Corda. I wish we Episcopalians could use that prayer as part of our public worship, rather than as a private devotion, which our Prayer Book limits it to.
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