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Following your instructive conversation with Ouriel, and having well understood, hopefully, The purpose of your article, I must disagree with The "lessons for entrepreneurs". The beautifully crafted wave platform did not find its public, okay. But Android did, and is now ahead of Apple In terms of sales. And Android is definitely doing many things at the same time and had its hyped launches. The keystone of a viable strategy for any entrepreneur, is to feel FREE to try ! Accept mistakes and researching somewhere else. That's the greatest leçon here from Google: The ability to abandon a platform, showing no remorse, no regrets at all. They tried to do too many things here ? - I don't think that was an issue. Because that's the way they learnt all the more. And they did too man things just because they could? Well again, that's a positive thing to me : that way you give the company a chance to invent or find accidentally a new kind of virtuous circle within this field of product experimentation.
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Aug 8, 2010