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So glad to hear someone else saying what I've been saying for the past few days in the comment sections of newspaper articles - I'm utterly outraged! The Economic and Social Research Council stated; "In the term 'troubled families' it deliberately conflates families experiencing multiple disadvantage and families that cause trouble." This conflation is dangerously insidious. For example - even for someone who's outraged, there's the temptation to say "yes a lot of 'these' families ARE poor, but being poor doesn't make you criminal" (the all cod are fish but not all fish are cod type of argument) but even then you've fallen into a trap, (a cleverly placed trap - as you'd be a fool to deny that social deprivation can have its pitfalls) as I strongly feel that this is not a class issue. The majority of poor people whom I've known (who would fit the criteria on the list) are in no way anti-social. Sure I've come across some horrible nightmare poor families (I live in 'the north' and have spent years living in some highly impoverished areas) yet most poor people I've met do not behave in a threatening or aggressive manner. I will say though, that when I was in Cambridge, I met thugs and bullies who were from the privileged classes (in fact wasn't Cameron himself, part of a gang that used to perpetrate highly anti-social behavior?) That doesn't mean that I would conflate rich people with boorish oiks!
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Jun 13, 2012