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Interests: my kids, my snowboard and my music make me happy. i ride fakie on a big mountain board and listen (hard) to neil young, the boards of canada, arab strap and many others. i have been spotted staring at frank lloyd wright and mies van der roe designed buildings for too long., my other half, pavements
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Just curious about exactly how much presumably insanely accurate consumer studies and data the Apple guys have when designing (i.e. hardly designing in the dark) vs our lean startups and whether their design processes have something that differentiates them ? Debate not so novel if we stick to the incremental vs disruptive line (back to henry ford's line about people wanting faster horses then :-)) --> do we know more about the inside working of Apple to dissect this further than the "Jobs Exception" ?
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2012 on Steve Blank vs. Steve Jobs at Seeing Both Sides
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