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Frederic Carrier
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Joe, I'm not clear about what the POL subjects did on their 3rd week? Often as a triathlete, I train twice in same day: same sport twice or 2 different sports. Quote " Every third week (recovery week) they alternated days off with a single HIIT session and long workouts done below AeT." Did they do i) Monday off; Tue: 1 HIIT and 1AeT Wed: off Thu: 1 HIIT + 1 AeT Fri: off Sat: 1 HIIT + AeT Sun: off or ii) Mon: off Tue: 1 HIIT Wed: off Thu: 1 AeT Fri: off Sat: 1 HIIT Sun: off
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2014 on Polarized Training Update at Joe Friel
By RBI, I mean rest between intervals or recoveries I 'll keep those rests less than 5min and I know they will bring down my body core temp along with my HR a lot. With those rests to cool off, I'll lose the specificity of non-stop riding but I'll get the specificity of riding at a lower temperature. My next race is Bend 250 so it'll be quite different from our texan summer. So do you know about the differences in training stress I'll get between: i) 3x2hours ride with two 5min rest in the pool to cool off in between each 2hours ride vs ii) 6 hours ride non stop?
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2013 on Training and Racing in the Heat at Joe Friel
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Aug 5, 2013