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Black suits. Gallows posture. . . . "undertaker look"fits scary new'06 campaign theme. That NYT article says this "Senate Republicans sent out a fund-raising letter this week seeking to use that possibility to fire up the base, warning that a Democratic majority would put fighting terrorism "on the back burner" and that "our worst fears" could be realized." I had expected to see something about the "paralyzing flood of investigations" that the "angry left of the Democrat party" champing to unleash. But no the "worst fears" he wants to vaguely mention are associated with a claim that Democrats don't care enough about "fighting terrorism". That is scary. What can you say to prove that if elected you will do better than Bush in preventing something that has not happened but clearly would if the right people really wanted it to. It is sort of a "step on a crack break Jesus' back" sort of thing "vote in Democrats and bin Laden will get you". These guys don't play around. I am sure that they have been watching some Americans who like to talk about jihad and are ready to discover them, with the aid of the CIA and NSA, and save us all in October. If that is not enough who knows. Would a gang like that permit another Reichstag Fire just to give Bush another bullhorn moment? I think so and so am willing to cut Democrats some slack if they don't always sound like doves and don't always follow Rove into the fights he selects. Another way to read that picture is that this is a squad walking through a mine field, stepping in the leader's footsteps because there is only one clear path. I think that is a good description of their plans. The want the Democrats to march into a prepared battle field full of landmines. We have to let our leaders pick a path and all follow it with care.
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