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Tks George, while I am past the point of looking for answers, I will check out the MAHB web site and your book!
"Personally I would prefer to see a Social Democrat (maybe not Bernie per se) run. But at least we should try to find someone with those leanings in the Democratic party and I completely support that person being a woman (just not Hillary!) The rumors about Elizabeth Warren are interesting." I think I might support Andrew Yang. Cheers!
I meant to write: "Pretty much the same as you describe..."
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Especially sad to hear about the corals. I was born in Brazil and started scuba diving back in 1975. I currently live in South Florida and have spent time on many coral reefs. I was back in Brazil in 2015-16 and dove on some of the reefs where I had learned to dive. Pretty the same much as you have described the situation on your snorkel trip. Even on my local reefs here in Florida I can see that the reefs are no longer healthy. Hey what to expect if you increase temps and reduce ocean pH, add industrial and agricultural runoff, pesticides, herbicides and even sunscreen from tourists. Beginning to look at lot like the End Permian might be a repeat... Cheers!
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Great post George! I couldn't agree more. I'm currently down in São Paulo with front row seats to the 'Political' crisis here. Nobody seems to get it here either... The conversation is all about political corruption and how it needs to end. No one seems to grasp how resource depletion, peak fossil fuels, water shortage due to climate change induced drought are affecting this city of 20 million inhabitants. Everyone thinks a new political order will solve things and allow the economy to get back on a path to infinite growth. As the Chinese curse says: "May you live in interesting times", well our current times are about as interesting as they get. Good Luck to all! Cheers! Fred Magyar
I have a question. How is it possible to work with a rather large majority of the population who think like this: Mike Beard, a Republican state representative from Minnesota, recently argued that coal mining should resume in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, in part because he believes God has created an earth that will provide unlimited natural resources. "God is not capricious. He's given us a creation that is dynamically stable," Beard told MinnPost. "We are not going to run out of anything." These are dark times indeed!
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