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Fred Schumacher
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Final results: 2771 miles; A6 43.561 mpg @ 62.44 mph; A7 42.653 mpg @ 62.175; Q5 38.623 @ 61.9. A7 did it in 46 hrs. 9 min. What's interesting about these results is that they all ran around 62 mph, which in my experience is the fastest you can drive and still achieve good fuel economy. Wind resistance really picks up after that.
A lot of discussion about not meeting estimated MPG figures in real world driving. I've had the opposite experience. Every car I've driven, I exceed EPA estimates, and I don't do any hypermiling. Latest example is my 10 year old 5-speed Dodge Neon. EPA is 25 city/ 28 combined/ 32 highway. Even in winter I don't do that poorly. I calibrate and log my fill ups, and my real world experience is 30 city/ 37 combined/42 highway. Several times I've managed 45 mpg on road trips.
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Jul 14, 2013