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Fred Talmadge
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I don't understand this lawsuit, did Netflix actually tell anyone what movies I watched? Where is the evidence?
Seems like all these business deals and who gets to see what is going to make consumers somewhere mad.
I have no interest in buying a new TV and player to support 3D or paying extra for those titles. Especially considering the current crop of available 3d films I'm in no hurry to adopt.
Maybe now is the time to make a long term purchase of Netflix stock. Or not.
Again more evidence that content providers should not be in the business of providing service.
If I watch a western I get more recommendations for westerns. Not very helpful, so the last two years I've stopped rating and just find the movies based on what I've read else where.
As a disc only customer and not likely to change any time soon. I'm just glad that Netflix still values the old fashion DVD disc.
While I sometimes read reviews they really aren't much help. So as a disc only customer I'm not all that bothered by this change.
I ain't going to spend $100+ to get the few channels I want. So I've been on Antanae and Netflix for years now. If they want me back they really need to get serious with a la carte
I gave up on recomendations. I don't know what I watched (maybe a romantic comedy) but I'd get a bunch of gay movies all of a sudden. I'd rent a Western (not Brokeback Mt) and they would go away.
The Flixster deal was a mistake and of course price increases are always unpopular. For myself as a disc only customer, I'm fine with Netflix. No one else provides the variety of movies I want at a fair price with good customer service.
I'm kind of bored with FB frankly.
I guess us old fashion disc guys keep the the old site. Just as well, as long as I can work my queue and search for movies I'm okay
and of course you need to have Comcast's rather expensive Xfinity service
I'm always looking for something different as I'm tired of the same old mainstream movies. In any case since I can't stream I'm still on the DVD plan and this decision will not bother me.
I'm sure that Netflix knows there are thousands of us living in areas where streaming is not possible. At least I hope they do, cause I really do like Netflix.
I'd bet Forbes will be gone before Netflix
Unfortuantly they made money on Netflix mistake, not on anything they have done.
I don't stream and didn't like paying for it when I can't use it. So the changes were welcomed by me.
Wall Street overvalues anything that is "hot" Now that Netflix is mainstream with no short term growth they devalue it. Or in my opinion value the company at a more reasonable number.
Still wasn't it just last week Netflix CEO said that independent films were an important part of their business. I'm surely more interested in them compared to what's coming out of "hollywood" these days.
Please report back in a few monthes how those numbers change or don't.
As one who only gets DVDs in the mail all these changes have been to my benifit, lower pricing by not subsidizing streamers and still get quick turn around. I don't understand the split, and the name is kind of silly but that hardly matters.
Funny to hear Starz talk about their premium brand. Just because you charge more doesn't make it premium.
As someone who has no access to broadband I'm glad they have reduced the price of the 2 disc plan and I no longer subsidize those who stream. Thank you Netflix for listening to this customer.