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Having had some conversations with Acorn over the years, what I have seen is far more scrupulous consideration than any folk I have dealt with. In trying 24 offices with intense effort the hatchet folk managed to get enough video to create a story about 3 offices, and some "just for talking" imagined under age hookers. This without filling out any paperwork, or making any actual crime or fraud. This differed rather markedly with at least two Government contractors actually bringing in actual under age sex slaves, and others treating American Employees that way in gang rape parties. And that is long before we even start talking about mundane casual murder and financial fraud! I expect that any real investigation of Acorn will show them pretty squeaky clean, not because they are better than others, but because they have always felt the sting of scrutiny while the cesspit of Pentagon contractors has never imagined it.
Gelber has little name recognition as yet, but is doing well. Crist & Rubio will be fighting over who is more Limbaughesque and then have to justify who got what done in the Florida Legislative session. Gelber can easily run on the failures of either Crist or Rubio or both in all the needed state programs that were cut, and how badly they were handled. And when the dust settles the blue drift of Florida will accelerate.
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