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The Hague- The Netherlands
Human rights activist and blogger
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Genocide in Ivory Coast as French and U.N soldiers are paid millions to keep the peace Julius Che, Reporting from Abidjan As the United Nations feels that Outtarra is the best man to rule Ivory Coast, his men (militias) have hidden under the UN resolution 1975 to bring untold hardship... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2011 at In Search of Justice
At times, those in position of state authority use every means at their disposal to eliminate their enemies or rivals. Biya may do want he wants, but let him know the ICC was never created to try pigs or goats. That is why Charles Taylor is now in The Hague. If the Mfoundi political mafia says the case before it and against Fru Ndi is a criminal matter, let both parties to the gemnic wait behind the bars until hearing. Fru Ndi may go, but the SDF and the Southern Cameroons will pursue justice to the latter. Ben Muna and co should know that when the day of reckoning comes, all will face equal justice. Fru Ndi will only go to prison if the peoples power is dead. We shall fight to the last blood.
SCYL REACTION TO THE INTERVIEW GRANTED BY ELAD EKONTANG The Southern Cameroons is a nation under occupation and its people continue to endure some of the worst blights of discrimination and impunity from the occupying regime. As a nation under occupation, it will be insane on our part to pusue an agenda seeking to address an international dispute as set by the occupying power, tailored by them and masterminded with the sole intention of maintaining the occupation. As a people with an inalienable and inviolable right to self-determination, the right to govern ourselves and dispose of our resources the way we see fit is one embedded in international law that governs the peaceful coexistence of all people. Successive individuals, groups of individuals and organisations have treated the Southern Cameroons anti-colonial drive as though it was some domestic issue that should and would be resolved by some constitutional arrangement that will be decided by the occupying power at a time and place of their choosing. This is an errenous supposition that has been propagated partly base on ignorance and propaganda purposes to profit the occupier. The Southern Cameroons is a nation under occupation and as a colonised people and like any nation and people under a brutal and arrogant foreign dominion, the only domestic resolution to such a conflict would be one determined and directed by the occupied people and under such a regime, only a solution that conpletely changes the allignment of forces in an irreversible manner would be accepted as the most effective exit strategy. Otherwise the only alternative resolution of such a conflict would be one under the arbitration of a neutral international body with a specific mandate to end the occupation through dialogue. Mr. Ekontang Elads’ supposition that a constitutional arrangement that will seek to restore a federation that was unsupervised and imposed upon our people would resolve a question of occupation smarcks of ignorance. He should also be reminded that European unity was never achieved by Napoleon or Hitler because their quest was rooted in arbitrary actions guided by force that undermined the inherent will in a people to be part of the process of governance. This is the same errenous view that has characterise the search for an elusive unity in Africa. The SCYL strongly believes that unless the right to self-determination becomes the cornerstone in the pursuit of security, stability, prosperity and unity the unity of Africa will be marred by unresolved internal rivalries and cross border conflicts. The SCYL wish to remind Ekontang Elad that in a Union between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with great devolution of powers in which the Scots basically manage their domestic affairs and the Prime Minister of the Union is a Scot, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is a Scot, the defence minister is a Scot, Scotland is still threatening the Union. If Scotland endowed with all these powers within a Union that it has so much economic and political latitude is sill threatening to establish a republic, what then of the Southern Cameroons, conquered, exploited, its people murdered, denied the basic right to vote, discriminated and treated as slaves? Mr. Ekontangs’ recognition that the time is long past when the occupying power could pursue both a short and long term policy of oocupation base on impunity without a respond from our people, should also serve as a reminder to the occupier to always expect a respond of escalating proportions from our people The SCYL rejects Mr. Elads naive stance as baseless and rooted in illegality, shortsightedness and fear by a generation that has never stood and achieve anything for our people. He should also be reminded that history has it recorded that liberation struggles though have been generally fought and won from the ground have almost entirely been micromanaged from abroad where the leaders can operate without manipulation and corrupt tendencies of the occupier; a trait which some of his colleagues like Munzu fell preyed to The SCYL reminds our people that Elad never retired; he opted out of the struggle because of fear and to pursue opportunities and crumbs promised by the occupier. Old men like Mandela stood their grounds and exited the race like men with honour. If he thinks he is old, he should resign as chairman of COIC The SCYL calls on our people not to be persuaded by such naive stance and ignorant propositions from someone who should have known better the premise of the fine print of the Bamenda Proclamation, the london communique which he undersigned and the purpose of the 1995 UN trip and others which he led. The Southern Cameroons struggle against the last colonial vestiges of the occupying regime will be fought bravely and won. This is a pledge we made at the AAC2 in Bamenda, it is a pledge SCYL leaders made every day as we hoisted the UN flag in Elads compound in 1995 and it is a pledge we made to fallen comrades and all those who continue to suffer because of the failure and naivity of men like Elad. The SCYL reminds men like Elad that the Southern Cameroons will institute a form of retributive justice to bring to the dock all those who in times of great need took side with the aggressor Secretary General SCYL Ayaba Cho Lucas "Concerning nonviolence, it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks." Malcom X Visit us online:, Visit our youtube site:
death does not only visit the underprivileged. Mr. man or mp as you call yourself, do you know how many people your signature in the parliament through the cpdm has killed on the streets in Bamenda and Kumba. Just shot-up your month and face death we we on the street do. Stop complaining of a system to help to build. Were are our brothers in Kondengui and those in the grave. If you come to hide at my back door, i will hand you over to the governor. You all are birds of thesame feather.
Reaction from the National Secretary General SCYL on the so-called National Liberation Government I was informed yesterday by the Southern Cameroons ambassador to Germany on the publication of a list of names in which mine appears as a senator. This morning I read from the national chairman of the SCYL on the same purported list. I read about the list for the first time on the Federal Democratic Republic website a few hours ago. I am for the SCYL and our people making the following reaction: 1. I have been in close touch with Professor Carlson Anyangwe in the last weeks on different issues concerning the liberation of our land. On non of these exchanges was there any discussion about the formation of a government 2. I have made it abundantly clear in the last years (from the formation of the Provisional Administration to the Interim Government), that I, Cho Lucas Ayaba will not take part in any Government for reasons which my comrades are well briefed on 3. The SCYL as a movement will not accept the formation of any representative body that speaks on behalf of our people without due consultation 4. The SCYL will reject any initiative that does not have as sole aim, the arming of our people in the defense of our land from the heinous occupation of the Southern Cameroons 5. No SCYL member will take part in any government as long as we have not been able to liberate an iota of our land from the brutal annexationist and any member who will go contrary to this will be fired from the movement 6. The formation of any government without due consultation with members of the SCYL even when the perpetrators have the possibility to contact directly the leadership of the SCYL, makes it an act of cowardice, provocation and insult and shear stupidity, for people who don’t talk on important issues like arming our people for the defense of our land, can not seat together as senators, nor members of any government 7. The SCYL even after a third party contact of General Pierre Semengue on a venue to meet and negotiate on their own terms on how to stop our drive for independence to a logical conclusion was out rightly rejected by the leadership of the movement on the grounds that the Southern Cameroons is a big prison yard for every true activists and “prisoners do not enter into negotiations.,, 8. The SCYL is warning any individual or groups of individuals who think that the Southern Cameroons Cause is now an issue of grandstanding to know that we have the capacity to go to jail and to law our bodies on the alter of sacrifice for the freedom of our beloved homeland and we will not be provoked to shift the battle otherwise 9. The SCYL wants to assure our people that we continue to work relentlessly in consultation with individuals and groups who share in our vision of a free Southern Cameroons using every means possible 10. Considering the barbarism with which LRC prosecutes the occupation, from butchering unarmed students in Buea, killing of students in Kumba, arbitrary arrest and detention of our people and the economic plunder of our land, social deprivation and resettlement of Francophones from Buea to Bamenda, the SCYL still proclaims its intention to end this occupation through an arm struggle. I call on our members and people at large to reject any attempt either by the occupier to lay terms for the occupation or from its agents to temporize our resolve to fight our way to Buea. This is the only way we will gain our freedom and no amount of diplomacy, propaganda will change this course of action. Done in The Hague, The Netherlands Ayaba Cho Lucas National Secretary General SCYL