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You need to read John Giduck's book, "Terror at Beslan".
You need to read John Giduck's book, "Terror at Beslan".
The terrorists inside the school were all killed, as far as the Russians could tell. There were some terrorists in the crowd in and around town acting as spotters and counter-surveillance operators for the guys in the school who managed to escape once the shooting started.
My take on the 9th anniversary of Beslan...
Way ahead of these knuckleheads... ...
You WILL be careful out there... ...
As a former homicide detective, I can tell by looking at the pictures of her face/head that the woman was beaten to death. No doubt.
Stupid bitch mother.
I said it before and say it again: he can stay with me at my hootch.
Evidently we still have his body. They're gonna be pissed until we give it back. And, then they'll still be pissed. Some knucklehead on Fox is saying Pakistan and the Taliban will now settle down and love us. Crazy.
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Some thoughts on prevention and terminating the threat...
Be careful out there...
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The real deal: and
If you go, and you should, remember that some who may be there consider you prey and, unless you are carerul, will kill you. Be aware and prepare. and this... Thank you, Pamela, for letting me link from here.
Here are some tips on how to not get blowed up by IEDs:
This video made me weep last night. Stay strong and be careful, unerschrocken...
Egghead; thanks for your note. My argument is not against Arthur, but for Pamela and Robert. At JihadWatch, Arthur posted comment after comment begging Robert to say yes to signs at the rally, not just American flags. And now I find he's done the same here. Personally, I think signs should be okay at the rally, but that's not my call. I see things from a tactical POV ~ Robert and Pam see this from a more broad strategic perspective. Their decision and request, passed on to all of us, is a decision not mine to make but, as I understand "informal leadership", one I will not dispute. The simple truth is this: Pamela and Robert have put their lives on the line ~ literally ~ to lead very important thought streams and public events designed to expose the truth about Islam. If Arthur does not agree, then he needs to pipe down at this site and at Robert's and, rather, begin his own blog at which he can take control. If he's not willing to put put his life on the line with Robert and Pam, then he needs to, as I said,shut the fuck up. Sincere respects to you, egghead. The old axion is: Lead, follow, or get out of the way.
Arthur, you need to shut the fuck up. You want to make the rules? start your own blog and movement and rally. Otherwise, shut your pie-hole, you arrogant little schmuck. As for those who will be there; here are some "don't-get'your-ass-bombed" tips.
To Karl in SLC, wherever the hell that is: fuck you and the horse you rode in on. You can't offer any reasonable response to the points offered all over this site so you pull your panties up into your crotch and say we're baaaaaad because you're goooooood. Right, and the might that goes with it, has to do with the correctness and truthfulness of a rational stand on any subject. You can't do anything but throw a hissy fit here because your intellect amounts to nothing, so you toss your grenade and run for cover. You are what's wrong with YOU, bitch.
So you don't get blowed up at the rally:
So there's not another Beslan...