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Dear Steven I cannot begin to comprehend how you are able to be a proficient Korean translator whilst claiming to know only about 15% of the language. How is it that you are able to translate Korean documents with such a low level of proficiency? I would be interested to hear you speak Korean because I suspect that you are better than you believe you are. As I understand the concept of fluency it means to be able to speak in a language smoothly. You can be a fluent speaker of a language whilst not knowing a lot of vocabulary - if you are able to speak about the topics that matter in your everyday life. I consider myself to be a fluent speaker of Korean yet I doubt I could pass the fifth level of the TOPIK test because I do not have that vocabulary. I also think that you are exagerating the difficulties of learning languages such as Korean. Learning a langauge is only difficult if you set yourself unrealistic goals within certain timeframes. It would perhaps be better to stress that learning Korean takes time, but a very communicative and even fluent level of Korean can be achieved if the correct methods and time is put into it whilst maintaining a positive attitude. Please let me know your thoughts on these points. James
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Sep 24, 2010