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This comment has nothing to do with the Prime Rib mentioned above... But tonight in my apartment my brother and I made your recipe for dry fried shrimp from "Comfort Me With Apples", and it was superb and wonderfully satisfying! After reading so much about MFK Fisher, I felt I had to let you know... because I think for many of us you are like her, not to gush on, and I am sorry, but...I think you understand the compelling need to share with you your impact. Anyway, My brother looked at me and said: "J, people overdo shrimp and flavor, but this is so great because it's real" and I could tell he really loved the simple taste (and the shrimp were so plump). I thought for the new year you might like to hear how much your words and recipes have touched so many, and made a sustainging impact. Best wishes in The Great New York Snow, Jessica
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2011 on Prime Rib Hash at Ruth Reichl
Sounds delicious, can't wait to make this!, especially with the pasilla chiles Thank you!
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2010 on Gift Guide, Day 7 at Ruth Reichl
Thanks for the great ideas, I really appreciate it. I am particularly interested in the congee, but if you have time I would love the chili one also. In regards to the chicharrones discussion I saw on the hot dog pg. you posted- Have you ever eaten at Mr Salsas in uptown Chicago? Tiny corner stand, run by two brothers from Mexico, sweet family. Best Mexican food I have ever had, and cheap. Wanted to recommend it to you and your readers. Thanks again, I am reallygrateful. . Best wishes
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2010 on Gift Guide, Day 5 at Ruth Reichl
I am wondering what you think is a great potluck dish? I have to make something for a dinner party for a lit class at my university. I am thinking of taking a bottle of sustainable chardonnay/ Mendocino Valley from Whole Foods; I was considering roasting a dish of veggies,asparagus etc. with olive oil and herbs, or some Braggs? But not sure that will travel well in between classes, and I want something that will be a bit of a treat and surprise, but really needs to be affordable. If you have a minute, would really appreciate your thoughts. Best wishes, ps. love the pictures added into your books- somehow, everything looks as I imagined it! which never really happens in film, pics and books- shows the true craftsmanship and artistry of your words. Jessica
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2010 on Gift Guide, Day 5 at Ruth Reichl
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Dec 2, 2010