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beautiful, and raw, and honest. thank you for sharing your heart!!
Awesome. I have SO been there, and your mood throughout most of the piece is somewhere I visit often. that was really well expressed. And then the anger vanishing and the heart melting? yeah. Love. Great to meet you thru the mamakat linkup!
yes it is a ratty much loved beautiful thing to have a special blanket/stuffed animal that allows for security and peaceful sleep! Thank you for such a realistic look into life at your house, amid the puke and the husband who gets the importance of Boo enough to race it to the washing machine! You portrayed Mazzy's attachment so well, too, reminds me of my kids :)
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2011 on The Importance of Boo at Mommy Shorts
"Every day, I struggle with the Voice of Self Doubt. When I get a note like this -- that isn't condescending, demanding or unkind, but is sincere and thoughtful -- I hold onto it, because it's worth +5 to my attacks (and grants 5d20 damage) against The Voice." This? This is awesome. The honesty combined with attack and damage stats. Nice.
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Twitter seems to be a great equalizer for "celebrities" and "regular people" (gag) and this whole interchange is an example of both the power and the humanness of social media. Thanks for being awesome.
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