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Some style guides or house styles tell you to capitalize after the colon, others don't. If I wrote a style guide (and of course everyone has a personal one in their head) it'd say never to capitalize after a colon. Unless there's internal inconsistency it really doesn't matter what Wil chooses, and I really don't think you can read anything into it unless such an internal inconsistency were present.
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Paywall unless I utilize my university's VPN. That means I wouldn't have gotten it if I were at the university instead of at home.
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@Ben: "Is there a term for concern trolling without being aware of it?" I thought it's well-known that religious people often practice doublethink. This may be limited to certain scientific facts (i.e. trusting medical science while saying the very same scientific method is horribly flawed when it's something that can safely be contested without adverse effects to themselves, such as evolution), but it may just as well manifest itself in a hypocrisy that thinks it's perfectly acceptable for annoying Christian X to be vocal while annoying atheist Y should shut up. An example of this is that I was once told, when I criticized this girl's opinion, that she has the right to her opinion and that if I didn't like it, I should shut up. I replied that if she had the right to voice her opinion, then certainly so did I. I continued by saying that I fully support everybody's right to their opinion, but that this doesn't make the opinion any less abhorrent or invalid. The matter in question was a former addict who got clean a few years ago and now died from something completely unrelated - she said it was the guy's own fault and that she had no sympathy for anyone who uses drugs. She left all offended. I have no idea whether she was religious or not, by the way, but she certainly practiced doublethink.
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Mar 26, 2010