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I am no one's yes man so I dont mind saying I use my yoga practise to help me become a better person. I think its stupid to use such a vague word as Unyogic though, people should call me bitchy, selfish, or shallow as it applies.
I was amused all the way but from 5 on I was really laughing hard!!!
Don't do anything too desperate ... and by that I am refering to your hair style! Its short enough
If you are travelling over to Spirit Voyage check out another one of their atists - Gurunaam Singh. I'm a big big fan of his. He does this awesome song "Naam" on his latest CD and it just uses that one word but is totally NOT boring. Both his CDs are played often here.
I dont understand this need for "adjustment" ... you just mentally tell your parts where to go, doesnt everyone have this kind of control?
I am sure zoya is an awesome product but I've always been an OPI fan. Beside they have the Iphone app :)
I have experienced astral projection. It isn't a part of my yoga practise though and it has been some time now. What I've been taught is that such journey's can actually be a distraction from meditation. A detour might be a better word & there's more to be gained by resting the mind than turning it loose. Another side of the issue I guess ... shrug
Well I dont usually discuss this for reasons that appear later, but if I were to say what is my guide or guidance I would have to start with The Sermon on the Mount, specifically the parts dealing with how we should treat eachother. The person I admire most is the Dalai Lama. He has a simple way of getting the message of compassion across. I've never studied his writings in depth but I am drawn to the man each time I hear him speak or read what he says. My confliction is that strongly believe in selflessness but even more so that all acts and charity should be completely annonymous. I normally don't write about this because to me even acknowledging this belief could really be asking for praise. Its tough because you want to share this, to inspire others but how. Now that I have, I will tell you that a tremendous spirit enters you when you do the acts of kindness. That can't be your goal to receive this but it is a awesome feeling when it happens. So put the money in the tip jar when no one is looking :) One last easier rule that can make everyone you meet feel wonderful is 'always greet people as if you haven't seen them in a long time' let them see the light in your face - so simple yet so powerful.
Don't look at it as a setback, treat it like a fork in the road and you have the opportunity to take a different path. Use the time in your meditation practise or just catch up on other activities that have fallen behind. Make some homemade salsa
Nice selection - the orange/grey combo is a winning color mix. Lucy has really introduced some interesting on-the-mat active wear, what do you think of the Propel shorts & capris?
I love these thoughts and have seen the positive effects a number of times. In Weight Watchers we refer to the beginner's first months as the "honeymoon period". There is a eagerness and excitment (especially if things are going well). As leaders we strive to remind people of this. I use the example of learning to play a piano. The early songs are all new and its exciting to be progressing, later to some it just becomes practise and the progress is less noticeable. That becomes the trap! Same with Yoga practise. Don't force it, be relaxed, and especially have fun. With my surgery I had three weeks completely away from the mat. When I got back on a week ago I had a whole different attitude. I relaxed into every stretch - not forcing anything. The mental feeling is so satisfying. I have swore to myself to remember this and never force things again. Just as in weight loss, there is NO finish line. You just keep doing the same because its the right thing to do for you body and soul. So I am a big believer in going "Back to Basics" or "Yoga Bootcamp" - we all need to remember why we chose this path and never stray. Great writing Mystique
Just look at the last week as some Yin & Yang practise. Life is a roller coaster, you are either going up, going down, going topsy turvy, or taking a hard turn. It pretty much is the way it goes. Now I do believe Yoga practise can help find those silver linings. If not then its time to use cunning. I hate it when my personal space is invaded as well, next time try saying to that person "do you have any flu medicine - I left mine at home" and see if you get some room. In ending I just have to say where o where did you find such a slammin pic of Dirty Harry. Its very film noir :)
10. Your worn out yoga mats outnumber your worn out jeans
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Apr 15, 2010