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As Sam Harris has said about Islamic fundamentalism. It's extraordinarily bad "software to be running on your brain" Equally, the idea that if you are black the system is designed to, exclude, oppress and ultimately kill you is causing disengagement in education and work, engagement in crime and an adversarial attitude to authority which effects not only the criminal element; but ultimately raises the chances of law abiding black citizens of having unsatisfactory experiences with cops. That software is the problem far more than racism is. The fact the establishment left glorifies and revels in such a narrative ensures nothing will change.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2015 on Elsewhere (175) at davidthompson
Anyone else notice how the awful events in Charleston have unleashed a storm of social justice lunacy. It's as if those who have been clinging to the imaginary "microaggressions" and the selective usage of deaths at police hands (which usually turn out not to be as simple as racist white cop v harmless black child) now have something tangible to grab hold of. They are smothering social media and the mainstream media with the idea that Charleston is just another ordinary day for black people who are constantly singled out for oppression and genocidal levels of murder by white people. And that the failure to classify the killings as "terrorism" shows our double standards when it comes to the hallowed "people of colour" And that "white privilege" is being arrested for mass murder (when you are not resisting arrest) without being dumped in the dirt but black girls get manhandled for having a pool party. It's like the lid has come off and finally the SJW's simplistic demonization of whitey and deification of "people of colour" as Jesus like in their victimhood has been vindicated. God forbid anyone point out hate facts like the fact that statistically, white on black violence is extremely rare (even if we take into account police brutality) and that white people are far more likely to be victims of black on white violence than visa versa. No no no! Hate facts are not allowed you racists.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2015 on Elsewhere (167) at davidthompson
Hoist away dear boy. Indeed Self's unctuous reaction to the Hebdo massacre was one of the lowest points in a long line of low points of lefty apology for Islamism. The timing, the tone and the content of his apologia was vile.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2015 on Uterus Rising at davidthompson
Between Orr and her awful husband I think they are damaging leftyism irreparably. Not because they speak utter bollocks -which they both do- but because each of them, in their own way epitomise the smug, holier than though mocking tones of the urban liberal elite. Will Self reminds me of a pious and infinitely slappable human version of Cowslip the rabbit from the Warren of Snares in Watership Down and if one can watch this dishonest, mocking, condescending and totally shitty performance by Orr without wishing she would disappear up her own smug arsehole, you are a better man than me.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2015 on Uterus Rising at davidthompson
I saw that one earlier David. In fact a large proportion of the unambiguous acts of out and out racism and sexism which I have seen circulating on social media over the past few years have turned out to have been instigated by social justice warriors trying to "raise awareness" There just aren't enough racists to meet demand
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2015 on Let’s Talk About Our Feelings at davidthompson
Thank you. I think it is a highly effective tactic -when critiquing assertions about systemic racism and white supremacy/privilege- to merely focus on the sheer historically unheard of levels of tolerance and liberalism in the West. Rather than start treading the precarious waters of crime rates, ghetto culture and or immigration. It really is difficult for anyone to assert that the British police and peoples are uniquely oppressive and bigoted to non white people when it is patently obvious that the British police and legal system is one of the gentlest in the world and in history. Unless they are willing to argue that they think they would be safer, more prosperous and freer from the dangers of state sponsored violence -and or the random violence of civilians- on the streets of Caracas, Cairo or Cape Town than they would be in Camden or Chigwell they really don't have a legitimate claim to being uniquely oppressed and persecuted by British society. If the alternatives to oppression are worse it really isn't oppression is it? If the UK were truly that racist and oppressive surely our black neighbours should be clamouring to move to Africa or the Middle East yet the opposite is true. People in Africa and the ME want in to our societies and hardly any Western people of colour want out. I'm not sure but I would hazard a guess that white emigration surpasses black emigration by a wide margin. If that is the case, how could that be if the West is set up to crush black people and reward white people? If that were the case it would be idiocy for white people to leave and masochism for black people to stay. Anyway just focusing on the question of whether one would prefer their son to be stopped and searched by a white unarmed officer of the MET or an armed black officer in Detroit or by Harare's finest, that usually opens up a chink in the "systemic oppression" narrative. This can be done without putting one in the cross-hairs for an erroneous accusation of racism.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2015 on Let’s Talk About Our Feelings at davidthompson
As you quite rightly point out, people can criticise this deadly nonsense behind the anonymity of the internet but to raise these concerns in the real world is practically impossible. It is practically impossible even for a black man. Just look at the treatment of heretics like Bill Cosby or Trevor Phillips. I grew up with many wonderful black friends and peers and do my best to gently and politely question the assumption that they are oppressed. I have lost a few friends in the process. But my un-anonymous critique consists of nothing more than gently pointing out that the UK's legal and cultural landscape is incredibly pc, tolerant, multiracial, multicultural and liberal. In fact I constantly point out that it is one of the most liberal and anti racist societies on planet earth and in history and that our police are a soft touch compared to majority black police forces anywhere in the world from Africa to Detroit so are they sure they really are oppressed? As I said this has lost me some friends both black and white but I am doing nothing more than arguing for the good liberal, multicultural orthodoxy in the UK being evidence of progress. I doubt I would still be friends with anyone if I began honestly critiquing hyper masculine ghetto culture or quoting black crime rates with regards to police attention on young black men and their subsequent incarceration rates. It's one thing to sing the praises of liberal Western democracy but to criticise black people and culture and suggest personal responsibility as opposed to blaming the invisible oppression of the white man is unthinkable. Even if you are saying these things because you genuinely care about black people, even if you are black and saying these things because you care so much it hurts. It's unsayable, unthinkable...... It's thought crime and you will be punished
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2015 on Let’s Talk About Our Feelings at davidthompson
Don't you realise that this is where the new enlightenment will come from. By empowering "the youth" and transforming white supremacist standards of education and logic we are facilitating a new kind of Western civilization. An improvement on the dead white men of the past. Let me quote renowned philosopher Piddy Dawg "Unh yea! Unh no nigga! Unh yea! No mans can laugh at me coz my crew gone uncheck you! Unh yea! White supremacy yea! Nigga don't stare! Yea! And I pull out my gatt, rat-tat brapp brrapp. Why must police always brutalize me. My Glock at da ready shaklack klack! Yea!" Incredibly profound stuff I'm sure you will agree
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2015 on Let’s Talk About Our Feelings at davidthompson
Well this here 'intersection' of 'social justice' and "education" is jolly isn't it. Way to go to fail black students ensuring another generation of black people leave school at a disadvantage with which to blame on the racism of whitey. This is infuriating, I just wish more black people were angry about it. Is it me or is this facilitation of the dumbing down of the curriculum (and promotion of retrograde ghetto culture) for black students part of a massive trend?
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2015 on Let’s Talk About Our Feelings at davidthompson
I know members of the "reality based community" of this ilk. Staunch feminists who believe in psychic powers and laugh at conservatives for being backwards. The ones who reside in Glastonbury were against public WIFI access as they thought it was a government plot to interfere with their psychic abilities. I kid thee not! We mustn't forget that not all feminists are batshit crazy. Most of them are interested in real world issues like "manspreading" "rape culture" "the wage gap" and the oppression super rich actresses suffer, at the hands of TV presenters who ask questions about their outrageously expensive frocks on the Oscars red carpet. See they are not al nutters who believe in myth, magic and absurdity
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2015 on Uncanny Powers Are a Feminist Issue at davidthompson
Marxist Nazi plots are everywhere. :)
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2014 on Elsewhere (126) at davidthompson
It seems to me after skimming this thread that the majority of you are full blown American style, fundamentalist free marketeers. It's like reading Fox News rhetoric all be it with more intelligence bought to bear. I'm seeing historical revisionism of the kind which recasts Hitler & Stalin as ideological kin residing at one end of the spectrum (the bad/totalitarian lefty end) and Reagan & Thatcher at the other (good/freedom loving righty end) I'm also seeing the kind of anti socialist hysterics of the kind which recasts socialism of any form or level (from the NHS to disability allowance) as a slippery slope to economic destitution and ultimately Auschwitz & the Gulag. This is worthy of the "Keep your government hands off our Medicare" Tea Party, not intelligent people. Is it not fair to say that free market capitalism and freedom itself is compatible with a tax payer funded safety net, EG:Socialism and capitalism running concurrently? Can a nation not implement both socialism and capitalism, remain free and become a global powerhouse? Don't we have examples of capitalist/socialist economies which are blindingly successful economically, freer and more productive than America like say modern Germany? Unless one is a fundamentalist anarcho-libertarian who believes all tax is theft and that society should be run on a sink or swim basis, -with all essential services (from firemen to doctors) being distributed on the ability to pay directly for those services- one cannot completely reject all socialism as the antithesis of freedom and the bedfellow of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao (and judging by this line of thinking Genghis Khan and his socialist hordes) The idea that because the Nazi party had socialist ideas and referred to themselves as socialists, that makes the Nazis a movement of the left and the socialism of Michael Foot akin to Hitler's is preposterous. Socialism is not a slippery slope to Stalin let alone Hitler. Any argument which blames one end of the political spectrum for all the mass murderers of modernity is just far too convenient and anything that convenient is most likely wrong. Yes the Nazis called themselves socialists and had some profoundly anti free market and collectivist policies but to extrapolate from that that Hitler and Stalin were both lefties and that Scandinavian socialism and the NHS are on the same continuum is historically illiterate hyperbole. Come on people you can do better than Glenn Beck!
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2014 on Elsewhere (126) at davidthompson
Michael Moore is a tit, a pompous and dishonest one. Whilst I dislike the self righteous piety of dogmatic, simplistic, middle class armchair revolutionaries like Micheal Moore, Penny Laurie and Russell Brand I think they highlight some serious issues. One of my favourite podcasters is Dan Carlin and he does a good job of presenting the lefty view of the West minus the dogma and piety. Take away the crap revolutionary pomposity that Laurie, Moore and Brand bring to the table and the lefty critique of the status quo has some serious legitimacy.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2014 on Elsewhere (126) at davidthompson
Above someone speculated whether the topic of debate was even relevant. The topic could have been the nationalization of the railways and their verbiage would have still been. Uh, man’s sole “jabringing” object disfigure religion trauma and nubs, uh, the, inside the trauma of representation that turns into the black child devouring and identifying with the stories and into the white culture brought up, uh, de de de de de, dink, and add subjectively like a white man, the black man! I have a few well educated black friends who make amazing music but they are completely obsessed by race. Many of their stage names feature the words "Afro", "Blacq" "Black" "Nubian" etc I knew many of them before the internet and love their music. They were always doing something positive and creative. Never playing up to the gangsta stereotype. Unfortunately the internet and social media has highlighted to me that they subscribe to a different kind of black stereotype. The "black consciousness" Afrocentrist much like the students in the CEDA "debates" It's like a religion whereby black people are gods and white people are devils. I can only assume this was prevalent before the internet, just not broadcast to the masses via social media. Read any of my friends Facebook feeds and there isn't a day that goes by where a celebration of a black "Saint" like MLK or Malcolm X isn't going on. Interspersed between the celebrations of black pride and black heroes there is a constant stream of outrages (real or imagined) doing the rounds. It is non stop. Mandela dies so it's pious Mandela worship 24/7. Just as that dies down Melissa Alexander is sentenced and social media lights up with more claims of racism and Zimmerman hatred. Then it's 'Micheal Dunn is an evil racist' day, followed by 'Maya Angelou memorial month', then 'stop & frisk opposition week', hot on the heels of 'prison is the new slavery awareness fortnight' and 'Donald Sterling is scum hour' And on a quiet day when no black saint had died and there were no injustices to decry I found this doing the rounds along with long threads of anger and outrage at the terrible injustice of whitey and the West. Surely having victimology and racial obsession at the core of ones identity is not only unhealthy it is quite likely to be a self fulfilling prophesy. Universities should be steering people away from such a divisive world view. Unfortunately in the name of tolerance, anti racism and diversity it seems this mindset is being actively promoted and taught.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2014 on Elsewhere (125) at davidthompson
The guy with the dreadlocks and tie die African style shirt was doing a a straight up rip off of Saul Williams's lyrics in the movie called Slam. Saul Williams is excellent in it, his lyrical skill is unimpeachable and his lyrics make perfect sense in the context of the cycle of crime in the ghetto and against the backdrop of the prison yard. But I fail to see how "Sha-clack clack, nigga dies, uh, white man......., nigga uh" has any relevance to a debate about foreign policy against the backdrop of a university campus. This is the culmination of a dogma whereby People of Colour must be respectfully listened to and believed no matter what and having ghetto credentials gives one authenticity and unearned admiration.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2014 on Elsewhere (125) at davidthompson
Trending topics today in social justice interweb land. BREAKING NEWS. BONG! 1.Marissa Alexander convicted to 20 years for firing warning shots (and harming no one) in the same state which acquitted notorious white racist murderer Zimmerman. Racist oppression see! BONG! 2.Rapper Mos Def refused entry to his own country (America) because he is black and criticizes Guantanamo Bay. Racism, imperialism and torture see! BONG! 3. UKip are evil, stupid Nazi stock brokers who eat babies, hate brown people, foreign white people and women. Racism, fascism, Nazism, sexism and white privilege see! The privilege and oppression is everywhere, if you know where to look with an uncritical eye
Toggle Commented May 22, 2014 on Elsewhere (124) at davidthompson
After reading that Ace blog about Oberlin's trigger warning campaign, it just dawned on me. The current social justice establishment in higher education are creating an in group out group dichotomy which is destined to expand exponentially. As victim groups gain elevated status more categories of victim arise and more perceived oppression is detected. As victim categories expand, new outrages are manufactured to bolster the oppression Olympics then more political power and social capital is gathered by those who have carefully cultivated a victim identity. Victim identities are elevated at the expense of oppressor identities (white, male, heterosexual etc) as this happens the social and political pressure for "oppressive" identities to identify as something (anything) other than white, male, heterosexual, cis etc must be overwhelming. It makes you wonder how many of these snow white people who claim to be genderqueer otherkin with native American/African roots and transsexual headmates are actually as straight and white as George W Bush. Either way the whole thing is a kind of collective mass hysteria chewing up the scenery and spewing out deluded, dogmatic, inquisitorial, pious fools like a secular Vatican.
Toggle Commented May 21, 2014 on Elsewhere (124) at davidthompson
Having grown up in a multicultural North London enclave populated with Greenham Common feminists, right on "Rock Against Racism" yoof leaders and black activists like Darcus Howe (of whom, despite disagreeing with on much, I have a rather soft spot) my Facebook feed is populated by some of the most pious politically correct social justice tosh known to man. When Boko Haram first kidnapped the girls most of my feed was filled with accusations of racism against the media for not giving the story sufficient airtime. "If 200 blonde haired blue eyed girls had been abducted this would be front page news" Then when it became front page news the focus shifted to the West's lack of action. "if 200 American girls had been abducted the Navy Seals would be deployed" When Michelle Obama did her #BringBackOurGirls selfie, everyone posted pictures of Muslims holding up signs saying "Your Husband Has Killed More Muslim Girls Than Boko Ever Could #BringBackOurDead" The more Americans spoke out in solidarity with the #BringBackOurGirls campaign the more talk changed from outrage at the Wests inaction and onto sinister talk about how American solidarity for the campaign was a prelude to a Neocon war of aggression. Whilst everyone has rightfully condemned Boko it seems the left and concerned politically radical PoC commenting on this are far more interested in searching for hidden racism or American imperialism than they are about Bringing Back Our Girls.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2014 on Elsewhere (124) at davidthompson
As for the video, I'm glad you found it of use, I thought you might find it interesting. The contradictory nature of the feminist stance is plain for all to see (whilst these particular feminists didn't mention online "harassment" of people like Rebecca Watson or Anita Saarkesian) a prominent feminist cause (I'm sure they both agree with) is that people who disagree with (lampoon, satirise or poke fun at) feminists on line are engaging in "bullying" and "harassment", yet here we see feminists coming out in favour of silencing tactics and even physical intimidation to silence dissent. If calling a feminist online a "twat" is evidence of widespread misogynistic harassment but blockading doors and physically attacking men whilst vehemently calling them "scum" and "rape apologist" constitutes a wonderful flowering of free speech and political engagement then words cease to mean anything. How can one seriously claim to be for free speech and against harassment whilst supporting physically blocking access to speeches and the shouting down of speakers? If physical blockades to prevent access to speeches and noise creation to drown out speakers does not count as a far more egregious example of "harassment" and "bullying" than having feminists statistics challenged or god forbid someone calling a woman a rude word online, it is hard to see what does. As a heretic of the left myself I have seen this type of contradiction many times before, from equally lettered and established folks. Whenever I challenge a contradiction I am almost always told that the contradiction doesn't exist, either because "we are right and those engaging in identical tactics are wrong because we are right" or "we are moral and those engaging in identical tactics are immoral, therefore they are wrong to use similar tactics because they are immoral" Circular reasoning in action! In the wake of Lee Rigby's murder I pointed out that those on the left who were saying his murder was caused by Western foreign policy were engaging in identical tactics to those on the right who said Anders Brievik's rampage was caused by unbridled immigration and forced multiculturalism. A good friend of mine (who is a card carrying member of the Labour Party and a human rights lawyer) said that the two were not even remotely similar because, the left are against war and for equal rights and the right is pro war and against equal rights. EG: We are good, they are bad so what is wrong for them is right for us.....just because! The feminists above have opened themselves up for similar treatment. I wonder if they will rethink their views in the face of being silenced (as they suggest to Janice Fiamengo) or will they scream "harassment" and stick to their ideological guns? One thing is for sure as feminists, they can be sure the evil patriarchal police and university management will be keen to take their claims of victimhood far more seriously than the claims of MRAs
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Gotcha :)
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Has your blog been attacked because of this post? I couldn't even view it last night and Typepad has been iffy today.
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Thank you very much indeed. I knew I needed a tutorial. Is HTML common knowledge or are you displaying your "IT privilege"? Thank you for your help but please bare in mind I only needed it because of the structural discrimination us 'People Of Limited Technological Know How' suffer
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PPS: For some unfathomable reason Java and Flash are not supported on this Nokia model. Its a smart phone but not that clever or advanced
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I'm using a Nokia phone. Its all a bit clunky. PS: So it seems I did something wrong (tags left open?) This is why I hate code, I need a bleeding tutorial
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God I hate having to use code. I put [bold tags] around the original quote but for some reason it emboldened my whole post. Why no edit option?
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