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Heather, we definitely need more future housing scenarios. To build on and reshape your images somewhat, I agree, houses should be producers of energy, food, services, even education and knowledge hubs, rather than consumers. Like Jason, I would say collaborating with, sharing, bartering, and co-creating with the Joneses instead of competing. The more community benefits, the more value and quality. You say rapid prototyping, which maybe you mean 3D printing? It can also mean automated construction. I think if its single family housing, people will be customizing more, or maybe I hope so, not making cookie cutter houses, but we will see. Agree w/ Jason, half the work will be retrofitting, especially if we make landfills and new materials reflect cradle-to-cradle costs. That means that the other half will still be new. More new housing will be multifamily, to add density or mixed uses, which won't be design/build by the week-end DIY'ers. Good stuff, Heather, love to see you applying your futures ideas to housing. you might think about a time horizon and variations globally. keep them coming! Cindy @urbanverse
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2011 on The Tang of Housing at heathervescent
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Jun 13, 2011