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Steve, this happened to us at Epley Associates so many times, we stopped counting. Other firms -- as well as clients, of course -- sought to lure our mid-level folks away right when they were poised to make that leap from learning the business to commanding the business. We had a stretch over four years where we lost probably two-thirds of our most promising talent. While we were fortunate to bring on fine young professionals to step in, the damage was done. Looking back now, in fact, I think this was the primary reason the firm was somewhat stagnant in the years before Joe retired. The stable of experienced, energized mid-level talent had been gutted. Like Peppercom, Epley had built an enviable reputation as "The Academy" of public relations in the Carolinas. Dozens of some of the best practitioners came through our doors and learned how to do it right. Many graduated and became clients. Some moved on to be parents or live near their families. And some left and became competitors. It may be the way it is in this and every business, but it was hard watching such a stellar firm fade as the seeds of its future success were picked and planted elsewhere.
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Apr 26, 2010