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I remember a while back you were talking about writing funk but I think you definately are returning to form and it's entertaining just reading the reviews more and more.
Howard I don't think understands. Like Walter said any given scene has less potency because there is less resonant art happening. The energy created by music and visuals is it's own paradigm that can achieve emotions and convey things that only that type of combo can trigger. And the depth is a lot more personal when experiencing such a smooth marriage of the mediums. There's levels to it. A regular scene is level one, maybe two if it's special, but with everything symbiotically connected the sum becomes greater than it's parts and sends you to a special place of smoothness. I don't think that's the reason Wes Anderson died, just one of them. Also his style was a one trick pony which has since become irrelevant with the evolution of cinema and entertainment in general.
Nice try, but you can't just write yourself out depression. Gotta smoke blunts. THEN write. (While listening to music)
Looking forward to watching it now because of this review.
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Lold hard at "The money, though, is incidental to the glory of scientific discovery, of being the first to push the limits of artificial intelligence to the point of...what? Aggression? Sentience, perhaps? " for some reason.
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Thank you Jesus!!
I hope you realize that the BEE Twitter account is a parody account and you just got trolled hard by one of the best writers of all time. He's almost Walter Chaw status.
That's interesting that he tried to act like a gorrilla. I can see it now. And that's a big metaphor for being as alpha as he was in this. Essentially those subliminals are direct communications of our humanity. Sometimes I watch videos of bonobos on YouTube and other primates and I see parallels between human behavior and the origins of our evolution. It's like studying the secrets of the depth of humans beyond the conscious mind. The primal things primates do connect to the evolved consciousness of a human but they both come from a similar place except (most) humans become self aware and primates don't as much so theres a certain naturalness to those primal mannerisms. It's a huge key to why he came across so alpha, moreso than any of his other films I think, even ones from around the same time. It's maybe because he was trying to do that.
I spent the whole second half waiting for Thor to power up Ironman with lightning like when they were dueling but it never happened :(
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May 14, 2012